Do you live in Dunsborough? Are you looking for a fencing contractor who can guarantee a quality job when fixing or installing your fences? If you are within the area, check out Bears Fencing!

Bears Fencing is a respected and well-known fencing contractor in the South West. Our team has over 20 years of experience in fencing construction. During this time, we have helped many property owners, domestic, commercial and rural, to achieve maximum safety. At Bears Fencing, our team are experienced and knowledgeable professionals who ensure that every project is completed to our client’s satisfaction and conforms to current Australian standards.

Our commitment is to build high-quality fences while providing excellent customer service, and our experience means we get the job done correctly the first time. Our fences are constructed with high-quality, premium materials, with an emphasis on minimal to zero wastage. We like to think that we are all responsible for minimizing the effects of environmental waste. 

Clay Foster

These are just some of the reasons that we are one of the most recommended fencing contractors in the South West. Great feedback from our clients indicates that we are delivering an excellent service! We are here to walk you through your fencing project. At Bears Fencing, we build friendly professional relationships with our clients and ensure they are aware of the processes involved in the fence construction or repair.

Stop worrying about broken fences, rebuilding, and costs. We offer different types of fencing services, including fence repair and installation, which are all pocket-friendly. We can also provide you with fencing ideas that will enhance your property and ensure that you will be proud of your fencing for years to come!

Don’t hesitate. Invest on a well-built fence now!

If you are within the South West area, choose Bears Fencing, the most reliable fencing contractor in Dunsborough! 


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