What is Colorbond Fencing

COLORBOND® fencing is one of the most sought-after fencing choices in Australia because of its colours, profiles, and durability. COLORBOND® fencing comes with a wide range of 14 COLORBOND® colours, inspired by Australia’s own magnificent backyard! Made with COLORBOND® steel, COLORBOND® fencing looks great from both sides of the fence and provides excellent privacy, with a standard height of 1.8m and fully sealed vertical gaps. For increased security and privacy, fence extensions, different panel heights and installation of COLORBOND® fencing on limestone walls give endless options and flexibility.

Colorbond Fence Installation in Perth & Perth's South West Region 

Preliminary COLORBOND® fencing installation work underway.

COLORBOND® fencing provides peace of mind to you as a consumer. It won’t rot, or be eaten by termites. The environment also benefits from COLORBOND® fencings modular designed system, as installations leave almost zero waste and steel is a 100% recyclable material.

Bears Fencing aims to deliver an efficient, professional fence installation. We ensure that all of our fence installations follow the standard regulations. Our fence installers are meticulous with their installation procedures, leaving no vertical gaps or visible footholds.

COLORBOND® fencing is a wise investment, especially in areas that are prone to bushfires. In joint testings administered by the CSIRO and the Bushfire CRC, results clearly showed that COLORBOND® fencing outperformed all other types of fencing included in the study. COLORBOND® fencing doesn’t just save your home from being taken over by fire, it also saves lives.

COLORBOND® fencing installation

A COLORBOND® fence is durable and easy to maintain. This fencing will save you money on expensive and disruptive fence repairs and maintenance. Prices for COLORBOND® fencing are competitive and given the longevity and lack of maintenance, this makes COLORBOND® fencing a smart choice.

Call Bears Fencing for your COLORBOND® fencing. We’ll ensure efficient fence installation and supply high-quality COLORBOND® gates and fences at an affordable price. For COLORBOND® fence costs, request a Rapid Quote.

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