Timber Fencing Installation in Perth & Perth's South West

Timber can add a level of sophistication and character to property or the ability to blend in seamlessly in a more natural setting. Timber is part of nature, if you live in a natural setting, a fence made of steel or other materials is almost an intrusion into your visual space, whereas timber will look great. If your property is more contemporary, with clean lines and a minimalistic look, timber can contrast exceptionally well to bring warmth and character.

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Timber fencing provides options to give the level of privacy you want. You can choose to build a solid paling fence for total privacy, or you can choose a post and rail fence or a picket fence to allow sightlines both in and out. Gates are also available. Timber gates are secure, customisable and work well with many other styles of fencing. Timber fences won’t rust or dent with everyday use and don’t radiate or reflect heat in the harsh WA environment. As a bonus, timber fencing is an environmentally conscious choice – sustainably grown timber has a lower carbon output than any other fencing material. It is grown in the ground, cut in a mill and not made in a smelter!

Our timber fencing comes in various styles and timber varieties:

Your choice of either softwood or hardwood timbers can be dressed or rough sawn, painted or stained, sealed or left to naturally weather. Whatever your choice is, it’s guaranteed your timber fence will look fantastic and add value to your property.

Protection Of Timber Fencing From Weathering

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Coating of timber with lacquer is a well known and effective method to protect your timber fence against weathering and the elements. Lacquer is a clear coloured varnish with a durable finish that gives the fence a protected surface with your choice of gloss levels. We suggest that you clear coat once every few years to ensure weather protection and to maintain the fences good looks. Painting to seal against the elements is another popular option. Cost effective and with a variety of colours, it’s also an opportunity to add interest or tie into existing colour schemes.

Have you chosen timber for your fence? Are you struggling to find a company that delivers a professionally built timber fencing service? If so, Bears Fencing is here to help you. If you are unsure about the best method for weather protecting your timber fences and gates, Speak to us, and discuss the options, we’re happy to assist.

Timber Fencing Staining

A lot of clients love the look of the more expensive timber varieties but find the costs prohibitive. An option to achieve the look you want for less is by utilising the more cost-effective timber varieties and having us stain the timber to achieve the desired look. You still get the durability and strength of timber, with all of the aesthetic benefits, but not the exorbitant price! We can stain to match many different species, Marri or Merbau for example. Our team utilises stain testing on your choice of timber to ensure client satisfaction with the finished product. No surprises with Bears Fencing!

Maintenance and Repair of Timber Fencing and Gates

Bears Fencing can provide you with quality timber fence panels, fence posts timber gates as well as advice about the best products and techniques to maintain your fence. We also provide rural fencing supplies. Our team of professional fence installers are experts in quick, professional installation of beautiful timber fencing and gates that add value and overall appeal to your property. Our team is a trusted name throughout the South West, with over 20 years of experience in providing effective fencing solutions.

Speak to us now for advice and a free, no obligation quote!

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Examples Of Timber Fencing Jobs That We Have Completed

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