Building A Small Greenhouse in Perth & Perth's South West Region

Are you having troubles with growing plants inside your greenhouse? Do you need an efficient greenhouse service? Bears Fencing can help you!

Greenhouses, tunnel houses and shade houses are structures that offer many uses both within the horticultural and agricultural industries and also for the domestic market. In our extreme West Australian climate, protection from drying hot winds and extreme heat is just as important as the more traditional use of providing protection from frost and creating warmth for growth. In Western Australia, we have a climate of extremes, so coping with both scenarios is made easier with these structures, both for large scale commercial concerns and for the home plant enthusiast who may be raising seedlings or nurturing exotic specimens. With the growth of protected cropping for agriculture, automated systems can create controlled environments that react to current weather conditions which maintain optimal conditions for growth. Another common use of these structures is to provide economical, long-lasting, weather protection for livestock. For homeowners and hobbyists, greenhouses can be easily adapted for all seasons. Rain and frost protected in winter, shaded throughout summer, providing all the protection you need.

There are many variations in the design and materials used in greenhouse construction. So much so, that most larger scale projects will require major design personalisation to suit the use and size required, whereas for the domestic market there is a huge range of prefab options available. Most utilise some form of transparency to enable growth unless they are constructed purely for shade. Ventilation is important, to prevent heat build-up and discourage disease. The site location of the greenhouse on your property is also an important factor to consider. Whatever your specific needs are for greenhouse structures, the Bears Fencing team can provide advice in the planning stages, then supply and install to your requirements. We also provide greenhouse repair services and greenhouse maintenance services for your existing greenhouse, tunnel house or shade house.

Bears fencing is a trusted name within Perth and the South West of Western Australia. We have built on our reputation over the years by consistently providing quality products and services at a fair price while ensuring a personalised approach to our client’s projects. Choose Bears Fencing for greenhouse construction services and solutions!

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