Pool Fencing

Bears Fencing offers pool fence installations that strictly follow the Australian Pool Fence Safety standards

  • AS 1926.1:2012 (Safety barriers for swimming pools) and
  • AS 1926.2:2007 (Location of safety barriers for swimming pools).

Installations that comply with the standards ensure restriction of access by young children to the pool and its immediate surrounds.

Our fully customisable glass pool fencing range offers a choice of frameless and semi-frameless styles with the option of aluminium or stainless steel posts and fittings. Pool fence glass panels are all made from toughened glass which will not shatter. Panels are available in standard thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The option of 315 and 305-grade stainless steel is a great choice if you are near the coast as it’s corrosion resistant. A glass pool fence adds elegance to your pool area along with fantastic visibility and can be adapted to be used on a balcony or staircase.

If you prefer a clean and attractive, more traditional style of pool fencing, Bears Fencing also offers aluminium flat top pool fencing specifically designed for use around pools. Made from lightweight, rust-free aluminium, in a choice of colours to highlight your pool area. Attractive, economical, long lasting, rust free and installed professionally to Australian Standards.

Glass Pool Fencing Options

Our swimming pool glass fencing offers various styles which our team of fencing professionals can help you choose.

Aluminium Semi Frameless Pool Fencing

8mm glass panels between aluminium posts, (round or square), in a simple yet elegant design

Aluminium Frameless Pool Fencing

10mm to 12mm glass panels sitting on aluminium spigots, (round or square) with posts approximately 300mm high from the ground.

Stainless Steel Semi Frameless Fence

8mm glass panels between stainless steel posts (round or square). A sturdy and durable option.

Stainless Steel Semi Frameless Fence

10mm to 12mm glass panels sitting on stainless steel spigots (round or square), posts are approximately 300mm high from the ground.

Whether its bolted down or core drilled, glass fencing is an excellent way to finish off your pool area.

Let’s talk about your new swimming pool fence!

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