Aluminium Slat Fencing Perth and South West

If you’re looking to seriously boost your homes curb appeal, aluminium slat fencing is an excellent choice! It gives clean lines, low maintenance and stylish appeal. This product has some great benefits, and the popularity of this particular fencing product is growing rapidly.

What is Aluminium Slat Fencing

Manufactured from tough, long-lasting powder-coated aluminium, the fence is constructed with aluminium slats set into a coordinating frame. Slats can be placed horizontally or vertically, giving freedom of design, which makes this product an excellent alternative to timber slat fencing, with none of the ongoing maintenance and repair issues.

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What are the Advantages of Aluminium Slat Fencing


Western Australian homes face some harsh exposure to the elements. From salt-laden coastal winds to the extreme summer temperatures with subsequent UV exposure, products that perform long term are a must. Aluminium copes exceptionally well with harsh weather conditions, never warping, rusting or rotting, and is impervious to termites.

Low Maintenance

Powder-coated aluminium doesn’t require any coatings to keep it looking fantastic! A simple clean and rinse with detergent and a hose will keep your aluminium slat fence looking great for years to come.


Are you concerned about aluminium slat fencing prices? Well, don’t be. Compared to the ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs of a timber slat fence, when you look at the long term, an initial investment in aluminium slat fencing will work out to be extremely cost-effective. The other bonus is definitely more leisure time, and your fence will always look fantastic!


The powder-coated aluminium slats are available in a variety of styles, colours and slat widths. With the ability to place slats horizontally or vertically, there are options to suit any property, regardless of age or style.


Security is one of the main concerns with fencing, but with the inherent strength of aluminium, it would require a grinder or similar tools to cut through, ensuring plenty of noise would be created in the process. 

What Style of Aluminium Slat Fencing Choices Do I Have

Aluminium slat fencing is available in several different timber looks, and yes, they really do look like timber! If you want to colour match, or you have a preference for a specific colour, powder coating to your requirements is available and can be a fantastic way to tie your fencing in with the overall feel of your property, creating a cohesive look.

Slats come in a variety of widths and can be used either horizontally or vertically, giving you the chance to get creative or match the look and feel of your home.

The gaps between the slats can be adjusted to give you a high level of privacy or spaced more generously, to allow cooling breezes and to give visibility where required.

Aluminium Slat Fencing Options


Matching aluminium slat gates can be manufactured to match your fencing. Of course, gates can be swinging or sliding, automated or manual, pedestrian or vehicle. The choice is yours!


Do you have an existing wall with timber slat fencing installed? If you are looking to modernise and upgrade and also reduce your maintenance time, aluminium slat screens can be installed as a replacement, giving a crisp, clean appearance that will look good for decades! Check out Bears Fencing Aluminium fence Panels page for further information.

Supply and Install

If you are looking to install aluminium slat fencing Perth or the South West, or perhaps you require replacement of your existing timber fencing – Give the Bears Fencing team a call today to arrange a competitively priced quote. Our team has over 20 years of experience providing fencing throughout Western Australia. We love working with this product and take pride in delivering professional, friendly service.

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