Kangaroo Proof Fence Installation in Perth and Perth's Southwest region

Synonymous to Australia, eagerly anticipated by overseas tourists, on our coat of arms and we even have a sporting team named after them. Why would we want to fence them out?

Why install a Kangaroo Fence

The truth is, kangaroos can cause large amounts of damage to grazing crops and consuming feed reserved for livestock. Damage to existing fencing is another concern, putting pressure on a producer’s bottom line. If culling of roos isn’t an option or your preference is not to cull, a suitable kangaroo exclusion fence prevents them from entering an area.

Rural Fencing – How is a Kangaroo Proof Fence Different


Large kangaroos can jump a fence at 1500mm. Most Kangaroo fencing is built to a height of 1800mm.


A kangaroo will generally crawl through or dig under a fence before it jumps, so using a mesh barrier is more effective and poses less risk of injury than plain wire.

Sloped Fencing

If a fence blocks a kangaroo and it can’t crawl through it or under it, the kangaroo may then attempt to jump over it. Because kangaroos jump vertically, moving close to the fence first, it makes sense to keep them as far away from the fence as possible. This can be prevented by sloping the fence away from the kangaroo.

Kangaroo Proof Electric Fence

Electric fencing can be an effective solution to excluding kangaroos and also other wildlife, making them a multi-purpose solution. Because animals avoid electric fencing, the fence itself can be less robust, this, along with the fact you can retrofit to existing fencing, provides cost savings. Solar or battery power can be used, and with some electric fencing, the ability to move it to other areas of the property if required. There are many types of electric fencing, and you want something targeted specifically at your problem. There are numerous kangaroo proof electric fence designs and the information available online can be overwhelming. Contact Bears Fencing to discuss your requirements, and we’ll provide you with relevant information that suits your specific needs.

Kangaroo Exclusion Gates

If your primary concern is to reduce damage to existing fencing rather than to exclude kangaroos from a particular area, consider a kangaroo exclusion gate. Situated at common points where kangaroos have repeatedly made holes and/or tracks, these gates allow access by their design. With a minimal gap on the bottom, kangaroos push their noses under the gate, which causes the gate to open, allowing them through.

Do you have a kangaroo control problem? Having a well thought out kangaroo proof fence design that takes into account current and future requirements, will more than pay for itself in money and time savings. With over 20 years of fencing expertise within our team, Bears Fencing has the experience to provide you with sound advice and a quality fence installation. If you’re concerned about kangaroo fencing cost, we strive to provide quotes that are extremely cost-effective.

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