Bears Fencing specializes in various types of fencing solutions, including electric fence repair and installation. We install, repair, and maintain all types of electric fences – whether in residential, commercial, industrial, or small properties. Our electric fences can be quickly taken down and reinstalled in a different location. We also offer a customized electric fence installation and repair service to ensure that your fencing needs are met.

We are proud to tell you that our electric fences are installed using durable, high-quality materials. This ensures long term durability and reliable protection. Our repair team can also maintain your electric fence if required to ensure continued optimal operation. We are here to help you protect your property from intruders and unwanted visitors.

It’s essential to have a basic knowledge of the features and operation of your electric fence to avoid accidents and misuse. The Bears Fencing electric fence installation team will take the time to ensure you have this information as part of the process when installing your electric fence. For further information, the Bears team is always available for clarification and advice after any fencing installation, give us a call!

The Bears Fencing team provides an exceptional electric fence service following all standard Australian rules and regulations. We endeavour to get the project completed correctly to ensure our client’s satisfaction and safety. Our electric fence installers and repair team operates throughout the South West, and nearby areas. Choose Bears Fencing for electric fence installation and repair!

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