COLORBOND® is the premium brand for fencing products and supplies throughout Australia. Australians choose COLORBOND® because it’s durable, robust, cost-effective and doesn’t require a large amount of maintenance. Colorbond comes in a vast range of colours and profiles so you’ll be sure to find something in the range to complement the aesthetics of your property.

What is a COLORBOND® fence extension

COLORBOND® fence extensions are used for extending the height of your existing or planned Colorbond fence. Giving your property enhanced privacy and protection, you can also use an extension to customise the design of your fence. A COLORBOND® fence extension is an excellent choice as it looks great when blended with other types of fences.

What to consider with COLORBOND® fence extensions

There are two key things that you should consider when planning a COLORBOND® fence extension

Height and appearance:

Establish the reason you need a fence extension. The reason will help you decide what height the extension should be. Consider the existing fencing materials and the extension materials. Do they meld together? Do they both complement your home and any other fencing on the property? How it will the fence look when completed?

In some cases, the existing fence posts are an issue when installing the extension because the extender is not high enough for the COLORBOND® extension. However, this shouldn’t be a concern as fencing contractors are experts in handling this minor issue. Let them do their job!

retained coloorbond fence

Tip: Ask your fencing contractor about ideas on how to maintain the original style of the fence when choosing extensions

How to choose the right COLORBOND® fence extension

Colour is an essential aspect when selecting a COLORBOND® fence extension. Consider the colour and profile of your fence to make sure that it will look great once the extension is attached. Make sure that the colours resonate with your property and surroundings.

Tip: Australia has fencing height regulations that you must follow. In Western Australia, local councils set the minimum and maximum heights for a dividing fence, and this can vary from area to area. Hiring a professional fencing contractor for your COLORBOND® fence extension is a wise investment to ensure that your fence conforms to Australian and local council regulations and standards.

COLORBOND® Fence Extension by Bears Fencing

COLORBOND® fence extensions require meticulous and professional skills to achieve a great result that doesn’t look like an ‘add-on’. Before any installation, our fence installers will assess your property and fencing to make sure that we can get the job done right the first time. We can also provide repairs and maintenance.

At Bears Fencing, we take pride in performing work that conforms to Australian Standards. Our team will walk the extra mile to ensure that clients are satisfied with what we do. We are proud to tell you that we receive great feedback from our fantastic clients, we have a lot of repeat customers who choose Bears again for further fencing services.

Do you need more information about COLORBOND® fence extensions?

For more details about COLORBOND® fence extension in Perth, contact Bears Fencing!


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