Grey picket fence

Completed Picket Fence with Gate Dunsborough

If you don’t necessarily like the heritage or country look, check out this project completed for a Bears Fencing client in Dunsborough…Proof that picket fences can be sleek, modern and give great privacy!

This fence was constructed in pine and painted to the clients’ specification. With an inset mailbox and a matching motorized sliding gate supplied by Automatic Gate Solutions and Amtec Electrical it looks absolutely fantastic and provides an excellent level of security as well as peace and quiet from passers-by.

A fence or gate constructed in timber has the following benefits:

  • Timber, particularly treated pine, is economical to supply and install.
  • Sustainably grown timber is widely available.
  • Timber’s natural beauty can shine by simply sealing it against the elements.
  • Very few design limitations.
  • Simple to repair.

Motorized sliding gates are a wise investment. Apart from the convenience of not having to open a gate yourself, they provide excellent security and are a boon in rainy weather. The space savings you get from a motorized sliding gate enables you to use more of your property for whatever purpose you want. Long viewed as a luxury item, these gates can be surprisingly affordable and will definitely add value to your property.


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