Pinelap Fencing Installation In Perth & Perth's South West Region

Pinelap fencing has been a popular choice for many years both in the South West and Perth. Pinelap is durable, reliable and provides a stunning boundary fence. Pinelap fencing matches it’s natural surrounds perfectly, blending with native Australian plants sympathetically and providing a warm, neat, slightly rustic feel to a backyard. It’s commonly chosen as a boundary fence for its ability to blend different property styles without making the more contemporary ‘statement’ of metal fencing. Whilst it’s a great choice in a more rural or country setting because of the look, it’s also a point of difference for your property in a more suburban situation and can bring a softer feel to the seemingly endless rows of steel fencing.

Pinelap provides excellent privacy due to the palings being installed overlapping each other leaving no visible gaps. Multiple fixing points ensure it’s difficult to pull apart quickly, giving a measure of security. Another bonus is that because the fencing is constructed with timber, it absorbs noise really well. Pinelap is constructed using H4 and H3 treated pine which provides peace of mind against termite damage and is considered an extremely long lasting product. A perfect addition to your backyard.

Constructed using treated pine palings, rails and posts. Its secure rail system ensures strength and stability. Available in different heights to suit your needs, there is also a choice of metal cappings available in 2 different colours to blend with your garden environment and provide a neat finished appearance. Pinelap fencing can also be installed into retaining walls. The fence is installed using steel posts instead of timber. The steel posts are then drilled into the retaining wall.  The rails and palings are still treated pine. This system is strong and cost-effective. Matching customized gates can also be supplied and installed by our team. Also, Pinelap fencing supplies Perth and South West are widely available so there won’t be any delays in supplying and installing this type of fence.

Bears Fencing can assist you with the many steps involved in choosing a fencing product. Initially, you may have questions regarding how your fence will be constructed, how long it will take, you might want an initial idea of pinelap fencing prices or to discuss if there are more economical or practical fencing solutions available. All questions that can be answered before we provide you with a quote. Just give us a call and have a chat!

The Bears team has over 20 years experience in fencing installation throughout Western Australia. We are based in the South West and over time we have established ourselves as a professional, multi-faceted business that looks after our customers. We believe that a great product combined with friendly, professional customer service will always be appreciated.

 At Bears Fencing, we know you will love Pinelap fences. Give us a call today to make initial enquiries and request a free, no obligation quote!