Picket Fencing in Perth & Perth's South West Region

Who doesn’t love the charm and appeal of a picket fence? It makes no difference if your living in the country or knee deep in suburbia, a picket fence evokes a cozy, warm feeling or when fronting a more grand property, a classic look that tugs at the heartstrings and stands the test of time in terms of style.

Picket fences are decorative fences generally used as boundaries for domestic properties. The construction used is with pickets spaced vertically along horizontal rails, with posts which can also have different styles. The decorative element is achieved by the various styles of heads on top of the pickets. Windsor, Saxon, Spade, Club and Acorn are a few of these. Dramatic effects can be achieved by installing the pickets at different heights to give a concave or arched look. Also extremely popular with customers is a simple square top picket fence. This can compliment a more modern style of home and looks clean-cut and streamlined, both in a solid colour or in timber.  Another popular choice is to have a capping rail on the top of your picket fence.Yet another idea is to choose a decorative post and use plainer topped pickets. So as you can see, the choices are vast, but most clients already have an idea of the ‘look’ they are wanting to achieve with their picket fence. Bears Fencing will let you know if your ideas are possible and also to a certain degree, suitable for your property. Matching gates can, of course, be constructed to match your fence and will complete the overall look.

Choosing the style, height and colour of your picket fence used to be the hard choice and timber construction was the norm. Over the years picket fencing has evolved and you now also have the choice of materials that your fence is constructed in to consider as well. Bears Fencing can now supply your picket fencing in both timber and powder coated metal. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? here is a roundup for you:

Timber Picket Fencing

  • Initially, timber is a cheaper choice for supply and install.
  • Gives the aesthetic appeal of a more ‘rustic’ look, with natural knots and grain
  • Can be left unpainted as long as it is sealed against the elements
  • Timber fencing suits a home constructed with timber
  • Sustainably grown timber is a great choice
Grey picket fence

Metal Picket Fencing

  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Extremely strong and able to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Powder coating available in many colours
  • Provides much greater security and strength

How Can Bears Fencing Help You With Picket Fencing?

Our team can take your initial ideas, customize a design and work within your budget to provide a quote that works for both your budget and to achieve the look you want. Previous picket fence construction carried out by our team has generated great feedback and high recommendations from our Bears Fencing customers!

If you are looking for a South West fencing team that genuinely cares about its clients, has the experience of providing fencing for over 20 years and gives a personalised, customer focused experience, contact Bears Fencing now.

For picket fencing, reach out to us and get a free quote!