Do you need a specially designed fence to contain your horses? Do you have questions about the type of horse fence you should choose? For quality built horse fencing in Perth South West, choose Bears Fencing!

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Horse fencing is a necessary consideration when keeping horses due to the innate fight and flight response they have and the hence the ability to easily injure themselves on fencing. Horses are an investment in money, time and effort, as well as being an important part of your lifestyle and it makes sense to ensure their safety by installing a well constructed and purpose chosen horse fence. When it’s time to choose the type of horse fencing that’s best for your property, you’ll need to select from the many different types of horse fencing available. Each type of fencing has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, from cost to safety to ease of installation. 

Let’s take a look at some of the horse fencing that Bears Fencing regularly installs:

  • Post  Rail – PVC/Vinyl 

    PVC post and rail fencing is an excellent choice for horses. Being flexible, the chance of injury to horses that strike against it are less than timber. Low maintenance – never needs painting, UV stabilised, termite proof, won’t split, rot or bow. Electric hot wires can also be added.

  • Electric 

    Any horse fence will be improved with an electric wire, as horses soon learn what happens when they touch it. They will tend to keep away from it and not challenge it or chew posts and rails. One or more electric wires can be used as part of the fence and threaded through the posts or added to an existing fence as an offset that is fastened to posts. Alternatively, you can have a full electric fence, which requires fewer wires, using timber posts. You can electrify plain wire or use purpose-made coated wires, tapes or braids, which are more expensive but are more flexible and thicker and more visible and less likely to injure.

  • Wire mesh

    Horse mesh fencing can be very safe for horses and it can also be low maintenance and durable. It’s important to choose a good quality mesh specifically designed for horse fencing. Other options can be cheaper but often lack strength and can have sharp edges, low visibility and have issues with sagging. Whilst Bears Fencing will always attempt to utilise your own choice of products, two of the mesh horse fencing products we utilise are from Southern Wire and Equimesh. These products are manufactured specifically for horse fences.

  • Horse Rail Fencing – Post and Rail

    Traditional post and rail fencing is the one that typically springs to mind when you think about horse fencing and rural settings. Simple timber construction, with endless variations in design, this type of fencing can also be painted a light colour as a visual warning to horses when they bolt. An electric wire can also be added to prevent horses chewing on timber.

Bears Fencing has over 20 years experience in installing fencing, including horse fencing. We offer friendly, professional customer service and attention to detail from your initial phone call, quoting, installation and follow up. There is such a range of horse fencing types we know that choosing the best solution for your own needs can be frustrating. Perhaps you already know what you want and just need an idea of wire mesh, PVC, horse fencing electric or horse rail fencing prices.

Bears are happy to assist, get in touch and have a chat with us!

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