There’s something special about gates constructed with timber. They add a touch of class or luxury to a contemporary home or a sense of earthy charm in a more rural setting. Aesthetics aside, with all the choices of modern materials available today, why would you choose timber?

Strength Of Timber Gates

Think back to the middle ages, what were shields made from? Yes, timber is strong and protected soldiers against iron swords and arrows! Timber is an extremely durable material, particularly the hardwoods. A gate constructed from timber will stand strong against the elements and intruders.

Cost Of Timber Gates

Timber is generally a cheaper material than metal, although that cost is dependant on design and type of timber used. Luckily, there are ways to enhance varieties of timber to replicate the look of a more expensive kind. Bears Fencing can help with this.

Environmentally Friendly Nature Of Timber Gates

Compared to metal and plastic, wood is a much better option for the environment. With the current concerns regarding climate change, it’s essential that we all do our bit to make the world as renewable as possible.

Versatility Of Timber Gates

Timber as a material to work with is easy to cut and shape, giving endless versatility when designing a gate and can be incorporated with other materials as well.

Timber Gates Age Well

Unlike metal or plastic, timber has a unique ageing process that many find aesthetically pleasing. With correct care, your timber gate will last for many years and show off its age beautifully.

Easy to Repair – Compared to metal or plastic, timber gates are easy to repair. If your gate is damaged the timber needed to repair it is much cheaper than the materials and expertise necessary to repair a metal gate.

Timber Gates Designs

You have a lot of choices. There really are countless options. You may already have an idea of the general style you want, here is a roundup of some common types:

  • All timber
  • Timber on a steel frame
  • Timber and wrought iron combination
  • Timber and steel sheeting combination
  • Picket gate to match an existing picket fence
  • Horizontal or vertical slats

Also, consider the practical uses of the gate. Do you need to provide complete privacy? If so, you may need slats that are fully closed rather than open. Do you require sliding timber gates or swinging timber gates? Your property configuration and personal preference will dictate with this. How big should the gate be? – Consider what else apart from people will have to go through the gate – driveway timber gates will need to accommodate a vehicle. You might wish to limit access to an area by having a fence/gate combination. All these choices will narrow down the options when it comes to choosing your gate.

Available also for a timber gate is automation for the gate to open and close. Automation is extremely convenient for a gate that is frequently used. Great for driveway gates as you can stay, warm, dry and safe in your vehicle rather than having to get out to open and close your gate. There are so many options available when it comes to automation, even in the way the automation is powered. You may wish to consider solar. Solar-powered gate openers are gaining popularity because of innovations in solar technology which has improved their reliability. The cost of solar panels has also come down considerably over the past few years. Bears Fencing can advise you regarding automation for your choice of gate and can supply and install as well.

 Also worth thinking about, particularly in a suburban or commercial environment, is the security required for your gate. There are many high end, high tech options when it comes to security, most of which can be easily incorporated.

Timber Care

Regular maintenance of your gate will depend on your chosen finish. Coating of timber with lacquer is a well known and effective method to protect your timber gate against weathering and the elements. Lacquer is a clear coloured varnish with a durable finish that gives the gate a protected surface with your choice of gloss levels. We suggest that you clear coat once every few years to ensure weather protection and to maintain the fence. Painting to seal against the elements is another popular option. Cost effective and with a variety of colours, it’s also an opportunity to add interest or tie into existing colour schemes. A painted gate will need to be recoated every 4-6 years and if you love the look of natural timber and have chosen an oiled finish, a quick coating every year is recommended. Bears Fencing has years of experience in installing timber gates. We would love to construct and install a gate for you! Whether you want a beautiful feature timber gate or need some simple garden timber gates for your suburban property, we can assist with design advice, information regarding security and automation. 

With realistic pricing and professional, friendly installation, the Bears team will ensure your gate project happens with a minimum of fuss. Contact us now for an obligation free quote.