What is Corten Steel?

The name COR-TEN® is a trademark name held by United States Steel Corporation for their grade of A 242 weathering Steel. Developed in the 1930s for use in railroad hopper cars, the corrosion this material is known for was a benefit discovered soon after, prompting United States Steel Corporation to trademark it COR-TEN®. Because of its strength, this steel is still used extensively for bulk transport and storage containers. Corten Steel is created by mixing steels and alloys. This is the combination that creates the easy rusting and gives Corten Steel its designer look. 

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It is produced in a thin sheet which is a strong and durable material. While you may think that rust is not something to hope for, in the case of Corten Steel this oxidised rust looks fantastic, protects the metal and stops any deeper rust penetration from causing damage. In Australia, BlueScope Plate Supplies distributes a range of weathering steel plate products under the brand name XLERPLATE®.

Corten Steel is a product used worldwide in buildings and artworks. Some examples are:

It is a fascinating product, which can be used both creatively and structurally. Steel fencing and steel gates created with Corten Steel look fantastic! The beauty of Corten Steel makes it an easy choice and gives a high end, bespoke look.

Corten Steel is supplied in sheets. You would have seen the popular decorative, laser cut panels used many ways, as garden wall panels, privacy panels, fencing inserts and gate inserts. This looks stunning and mixing Corten Steel with other materials such as timber, and other metals is an economical way to use this product. While it is unusual to see entire fences and gates constructed from Corten Steel, it certainly is done, and there are many examples online. 

The thicker gauge Corten can be cut into posts and used vertically into the ground to create fencing that makes a strong architectural statement. As Corten Steel is available in a number of cladding profiles, utilising sheets of it in the same way you would use other types of metal fencing sheet products is possible.With gates, Corten Steel can be used for frames, slats or panels to create a robust, durable gate that makes a real statement! If you are planning farm steel gates, driveway steel gates or if you want to plan a cohesive look with both steel gates and fencing, Bears Fencing can make it happen. Pretty much any creative idea you can come up with can incorporate Corten Steel. If you love the look of Corten Steel and have some ideas for steel gates designs using this product, contact Bears Fencing to discuss. We have the skills and experience to carry out the supply and installation of your project. We also have access to local South West artisans who can assist with the design aspects of your project! 

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