The Bears Fencing team have been making West Australian homes and businesses secure for over 20 years! Security gate installation is something we do really well. Security gates not only enhance the look of your property, but they also protect you, your family and your assets. The most commonly installed security gates for a domestic property are driveway security gates, front entry security gates and security side gates. Gates are generally constructed with steel or aluminium and can be powder coated in a choice of colours. Security can be further increased by integrating features such as pin code access, having remote control openers and voice and/or video intercom, creating a total security gates system.

Benefits of Security Gates

Deter Unwanted Visitors

If you get sick of opening your door all the time to salespeople, real estate agents or religious callers, it may be time to think about installing security gates at your property. There are so many options available that can prevent unwanted knocking at your front door. In particular, a driveway security gate will help, and If you have an open fronted property, you may be able to gate your front verandah or portico.

Maximising Security of Children and Pets

Security gates are an extremely effective way of ensuring increased security for your children and pets. With a driveway gate to deter people with bad intentions, you can add another layer of protection for your family. Also, a security gate keeps your children and pets inside your property.

Increase Property Value

As security gates are an investment, an installation will increase the value of your property. Apart from the security they provide, generally they are designed to either blend well with your property style or are a feature in themselves. If you are planning on increasing the sale value of your property, a security gate is a much wiser investment than some other improvements.

Whole Home Security

Do you have a home security system in place? If you do, the installation of security gates can be a smart decision that adds another layer of protection.

With assistance from Bears Fencing, you can permanently ensure the security of your home or commercial premises. Read on for further information regarding security gates.


Automation is almost a given these days. Who wants to get out of their vehicle in the pouring rain and open and close a gate? Also, the security you gain with a security gate may be reduced if you have to get out of your vehicle each time you open and close it. Random, opportunistic attacks are rare, but they do happen. Talk to Bears Fencing about automating your security gate.

Commercial and Industrial Properties

The gate chosen will generally match the type of security fencing that is used.  An example of this would be palisade and garrison fencing. Both types provide excellent security for premises, and the gate would be constructed in the same style giving the same level of protection around the perimeter. You would still have the options of sliding security gates, cantilever security gates and hinged security gates, with your choice of security gate locks. If you are considering security gates Perth or the South West and would like to discuss your options. 

please contact us here at Bears Fencing. We will give you advice based on our experience, as well as an extremely competitive quote!