What is Powder Coating & Why Should I Choose It For My Gate

Generally, powder coating is seen as an environmentally positive method of applying a finish, as it doesn’t use solvent-based paints and there is minimal spray wastage – also, the unused powder can be recycled and used again.

Deciding to install powder coated fences and gates is a smart move, especially in Western Australia where the weather changes from stifling heat to stormy winds and rain through the year. Highly durable, powder coating of steel gates and fencing is a great way to prevent salt damage in locations near the ocean.

powder coated gate

Powder coating generally gives a smooth, seamless finish with slats, sheets and gate components being available in a good range of colours, including the classic Colorbond range. Also extremely popular are powder coated, timber look slats which are being used more and more as low maintenance, long lasting alternative to timber and matching powder coated gates and railings.

Options For Powder Coated Gates Are Limited Only By Your imagination

With so many options in regards to metals, colours and finishes, you will be sure to find a gate to suit your style and situation. Some examples of powder coated gates are:

  • Colorbond gates – To match existing fencing
  • Aluminium powder coated gates – slatted – Particularly suited to contemporary style properties
  • Picket style gates – Can tie in with existing fencing with all the benefits of powder coating
  • Swimming Pool gates
  • Feature panel insert gates
  • Powder coated wrought iron gates
  • Tubular gates

As you can see, there are many types of gates which can come in a powder coated finish. Require further information? Just give Bears Fencing a call, we can assist.

Powder coating doesn’t require much maintenance, but for your gate to stay in great shape, a small amount of cleaning and care can go a long way. The tougher the climate, the more often it will need to be cleaned. A powder coating offers great protection against the elements for your gate, but cleaning it at least once a year can prevent dirt build up, prolong the life of your gate and ensure it stays looking great.

To remove salt and other harder to remove deposits, use a soft brush and a mild household detergent. Rinse the detergent off the gate with water. You can let the gate dry naturally or use a cloth to dry for a cleaner finish. It is possible to pressure wash your gate, and this may be more efficient than hand washing. However, it does leave more residue behind. This holds particularly true in coastal areas where there may be a coating of salt on the gate, or in hard water areas where the pressure washer water may leave behind residue without detergent to soften the water. The Bears Fencing team have many years of experience in installing powder coated gates. They know what’s available in today’s market and can suggest options you may not have thought of. 

If you are interested in powder coated gates Perth or the South West, give Bears a call today!