Nothing beats a cool, crystal clear pool in summer! With our climate, having a pool is such a relief in the heat and can provide many hours of enjoyment for the entire family. When planning your pool, the focus is usually on aesthetics. What size, type of pool construction, landscaping, adjacent areas such as cabanas and decking are desired and what kind of pool fencing and gate will suit? Glass or aluminium are generally the most commonly chosen materials here in Western Australia. These materials perform exceptionally well in and around pools, giving years of trouble free safety and also come in a large range of styles which makes it easy to achieve the look you envisage for your pool area.

The safety factor is something that most people consider a little less, but luckily for us, there is a set of overarching Australian standards that govern the installation requirements of pool fencing and gates to ensure safety for our little people and of course, fur babies! In Western Australia, pools are registered with individual Shire Councils, who are responsible for pool inspections periodically to ensure required standards continue to be met as the pool fencing and gates age and areas surrounding the pool go through changes – plants, retaining walls, moveable pots etc. can all be factors that affect the original fencing and gate design safety. So, in terms of pool fence gates, let’s have a look at what the Australian Standard AS1926.1 – 2012 covers:

Self Closing & Latching Devices For Pool Gates

  • Gates shall be hung so that they ONLY swing outwards. i.e. away from the pool area. The gate must be able to swing freely through its arc of operation.

  • All gates must be fitted with a Self-Closing Device that will return the gate to a closed position from any position without the use of manual force.

  • All Gates must be fitted with a Latching Device that will automatically operate on the closing of the gate and prevent the gate from being reopened without being manually released.

So the way the gate is hung and how it’s components work is extremely important to comply with Australian Standards. Bears Fencing swimming pool gate installations strictly comply with Australian standards in both the way the gate is installed and the gate devices that are supplied.

While there is a vast array of latching devices available to suit your choice of pool gate, entry-level pool gate latches commonly incorporate pool gate locks which are key lockable and have self-closing pool gate hinges. With stainless steel components and being UV stabilised, these items are rust free and will provide years of swimming pool safety. To the other end of the spectrum, for higher end glass pool gates there are sleek, stylish stainless steel latches which provide the same level of safety while blending seamlessly with the clear, contemporary look of glass. Match these with stainless steel hinges and the look of your fence and gate can be a feature in itself! So, if you are considering the safety aspect of pool gates, you can rest assured that the Bears Fencing team ensures adherence with both the Australian Standards installation requirements and supplies products for your pool gate that are in line with the regulations. Years of fencing experience ensure that Bears will carry out your installation professionally and with your families safety in mind. 

If you have any questions regarding the safety of your current pool gate or wish to discuss the installation of a new pool gate, please contact us now!