Types Of Automatic Gates & Why Should I Install One

Motorised sliding gates are also called motorised sliding driveway gates, automatic vehicle gates, cantilever slide gates, automized sliding gates, electric sliding gates. There are some differences, but they are all a gate that slides sideways automatically!

Types of Automatic Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are available as a track system where the wheels of the sliding gate run on a metal track which is either bolted down to a concrete footing or where the track is concreted into a concrete footing. Also available is a cantilevered sliding gate system. This system is where there is no track on the driveway, and the gate is supported by rollers within the track the gate slides into, so the gate slides across the driveway, with no tracking required.

Convenience of Automatic Sliding Gates

Motorised sliding gates allow you to enter your property without having to get out of your car to open gates. A bonus when it’s raining, or late at night. The gate will close automatically so that you don’t have to close and lock the gate after entering.

Security of Automatic Sliding Gates

Because they are automated, motorised sliding gates, have features that increase security. They come with automatic locks and integrated safety beams. Staying inside your vehicle ensures there is no risk of something happening while you are outside the vehicle like having your car stolen or a random personal attack or robbery.

Space Savings of Automatic Sliding Gates

Having room for a sizeable gate to swing open is no longer a problem when you install a motorised sliding gate at your property. Since the gate slides instead of swings, your garden and parking areas are not affected and can be used as you wish. You can utilise all of your garden space, even right beside the sliding gate because it will not take up space when it opens or closes. Smaller properties really benefit by choosing to install a motorised sliding gate.

Automatic Sliding Gates Are Better Suited in Certain Situations

There are situations where motorised sliding gates are a better choice than manual or automated swing gates. Sliding gates work better for wide openings and are particularly suited to industrial or commercial scenarios and driveways that have an upward slope.

Add Visual Appeal & Value To Your Property With An Automatic Gate

These gates are highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific needs. Still viewed as a luxury addition to a property, even though they are now very affordable, these gates are a highly desirable and practical addition to a property and a motorised sliding gate will add value and saleability to most properties, as well as the benefits while you are using it!

Track or Cantilever Sliding Motorized Gates – Which should you choose?

Motorized gates – Track

Generally, the gate frames don’t have to be as strong, so the gates work out much cheaper because of the smaller size frame material that used.

The gates roll very smoothly and quickly.

Having a smaller frame means these sliding gates are easier to install.

Motorized Gates – Cantilever

If the driveway is uneven this gate will accommodate it as it does not matter for cantilever sliding gates.

The installation of cantilever sliding gate footings can be completed without disrupting the driveway, unlike track gate which may require concrete footings.

The cantilever gates cannot be lifted, whereas track gates can be lifted off the track, which may be a concern for security reasons.

So, to summarise, track gates are considerably cheaper, however, if the driveway is not flat or where security is something to consider, then cantilever sliding gates would be the better way to go. Need some advice about which motorised sliding gate system or motorised sliding gate design to choose? Know what you want but require a quote? 

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