There is a lot of choice when it comes to farm gates. In the past, they were pretty much a one-size-fits-all deal. Today’s farms operate in many different ways. The diversity in Australian farming means gates have a wide range of needs to cater to. Choosing the right farm gates will depend on a number of factors, from the type of animals you are containing, size of equipment and vehicles going through the gate, the frequency and ease of use and also planned future use. As farm gates are vital to controlling livestock, care and consideration should be used when choosing the type, quality and construction. Your farm gates should be strong, durable and suit the area they are being used for.

Choosing the Right Farm Gate

The function of a gate is obviously to allow traffic into and out of an enclosed area. Several things need to be considered before purchasing. The size of your operation, the type of livestock and number of livestock. Larger properties will need wider gates to accommodate machinery as well as the number of livestock. Smaller properties may only require room to drive through smaller scale equipment. If budget allows, always go a bit larger than what you think you need. Also consider the number and type of stock. More space is needed for larger numbers, but larger livestock, though you may have fewer numbers, would still benefit from a larger gate to protect them from self-injury.

wooden farm gate

While we can’t cover all farm gates on this page, readily available non-custom made farm gates can be divided into a few broad categories, with some differences in construction materials, types of hinges, finishes and automation. Most gates are available as a single or double gate, or even as a sliding gate. With a huge range of sizes available, you are spoilt for choice. The biggest challenge you face is identifying what you want, what you need, and what your budget will allow for.

Common Types of Farm Gates Perth and Perth's South West

Farm Bar Gates

Simple and economical. Galvanised pipe construction with a frame and bars.

Farm Mesh Gates

Galvanised pipe construction with galvanised mesh. Different support brace configurations available dependent on the size of the gate, strength preference and gate use.

Farm Livestock Gates

Heavy duty gates made from high tensile tube throughout the entire gate, with a vertical flat bar brace.

Farm Entrance Gates and Decorative Gates

Horizontal bar gates, heritage mesh and scroll gates, timber rail gates, there is a large variety both off the shelf and custom made, the choice will be dependant on your taste and budget.

Farm Gate Automation

Gate automation can be a huge time saver, providing the convenience of no longer having to open and close gates manually. Automation increases the security of your livestock and general property and also makes life easier. There is a huge range of both electric and solar powered gate automation systems on the market for both swinging and sliding gates, and some systems offer programmed automation options for pre-set opening and closing times. Bump gates are a different type of automation which operate without the need for a power source and use mechanical power and gravity. 

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