Electric Fencing

Are you worried about security in your property? Do you need a fence with high-security features? If so, you should consider electric fencing! Bears Fencing is an Australian owned fencing company that offers electric fencing services, repair and installations. Our electric fencing installations are ideal for several purposes, such as containing animals in a specific area and for personal and property security purposes. Our electric fences can be easily installed and require minimal maintenance.

We offer electric fences that are economical, which can be built and installed quickly and can also save you time and money. We use products that are trusted worldwide as safe and effective fencing solutions. Purchasing your fencing from us means that you are buying the best electric fence supplies Australia has to offer.

With the help of our professional team, the installation will be carried out quickly and efficiently. Our expert team can handle small or large scale projects, and they will provide expert advice and guidelines when planning your electric fencing project.

The Fencing team has been building and installing fences for a combined 20 years. In that time, we have mastered the skills that are required to achieve an efficient and professional fencing service. This achievement has led us to become one of the most recommended fencing companies in Western Australia.

It’s our mission to provide clients with high-quality fences at an affordable price and to deliver excellent value to our customers. Our electric fence service conforms to the current Australian standards. With Bears Fencing, electric fencing is economical, safe and can save you a lot of money!

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Fencing Guide: Tips on Finding the Best Timber Fencing Contractor

The fencing industry is a competitive market. There are many fencing contractors in Western Australia and finding the best one can become a challenge, due to the wide availability of resources and competition with prices and services. The truth is, all fencing companies in Western Australia do a decent job of providing fencing for Australian homes.

As a consumer, your focus should be to find a timber fencing contractor who can offer you premium quality fences at a reasonable price. There are a few things to consider both when choosing your style of timber fencing and your timber fence contractor. 

How to choose a Timber Fence type

A quick look through the Bears Fencing website will show many styles of timber fencing. picket fencing, pinelap fencing, brushwood fencing, rural post & rail fencing and also many examples of timber fencing combined with other materials such as corrugated iron, chain wire and stainless steel wire. Choosing your timber fencing style will depend on personal preference, budget, security and also privacy needs. You will need to consider adherence to any subdivision covenants and local government fencing requirements. If the fence in question is a dividing fence, your neighbours budget and style preferences will also play a part in your choice.

Advice on Selecting a Fencing contractor

Initially, most of us will take advantage of Google! Search for contractors using specific terms about the type of fence you choose and the area you live in. A lot of fencing contractors now also advertise their services via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is great as it allows you to view genuine feedback from previous customers, and also how the company themselves responds to feedback and how engaged they are with their clients. Use both social media and the company website to view designs and fencing ideas and to get a feel for the business.

Please check out BEARS FENCING’s Facebook page

Another common way to find a great timber fence contractor is through word of mouth. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Look at their fencing, get candid feedback from them and find out what problems they may have encountered while dealing with the contractor and any unexpected issues they might have had that are typical in your suburb or region. Also, they may have had dealings with your local council that you might need to be aware of when estimating timeframes for your project.

Important points consider when choosing a fencing contractor for your wood fence project:

  • Fencing contractors are generally either specialists who build one particular type of fencing or fencing all-rounders who have experience in constructing many different styles of fencing and who provide a range of other valuable services in addition to being highly skilled in fence construction.
  • Fencing can be complicated by many factors such as the need to construct retained areas, earthworks and the provision of gates. The best option is to choose a contractor who has a range of experience in constructing many types of fencing and who is experienced in general construction. This will ensure the contractor you engage can deal with any unexpected requirements your project may throw at you!
  • Pricing is another concern when choosing a timber fence contractor. Remember – It is not just about who offers the cheapest fencing services, but the quality of both the end result and the way the project is carried out. A good fencing contractor will have the processes in place to ensure a quality result while providing excellent customer service during construction and a guarantee of workmanship with follow-up if needed.
  • Your chosen contractor should always provide fencing that complies with Australian Standards and also construct to meet the standards required.
  • Timber fencing in Western Australia will cost you between $75 to $160 per metre depending on the style, length and height of the fence and more than this for custom design, one-off timber fencing.
  • A well-constructed timber fence will boost property value and looks fantastic! A poorly made fence can detract from your property value.

Finding the best timber fence contractor can be easy, especially if you know where to look. Follow some of the tips above, do your research and talk to others about their experiences. check out Bears Fencing timber fencing page for more information.

If you are in Western Australia, BEARS FENCING offers quality fences at a competitive price! For timber fences, free quotations are available.

Timber Fencing Guide

Timber Fencing Guide - Where to Get Supplies?

You might be surprised to know that timber fences are one of the most commonly built fences in Australia! If you want your property to look great and stand out from others in your area, timber fencing is a great choice to consider. From a construction perspective, timber is such a flexible material and offers a multitude of design choices. Timber fences can give your property a classic rustic, modern bespoke or timelessly elegant look. Timber fences are particularly popular in rural areas. People choose timber for fencing because it compliments the design or aesthetics of their home or property. It’s also durable and looks great, even years after being built. No wonder it’s chosen by so many! 

The question is: How easy it is to get supplies or materials for rural timber fencing? The answer to that is: Very easy!

Bears Fencing can provide you with rural timber fencing supplies at a great price. Call us today for more information!

One of the most popular types of timber fencing in rural areas is paling timber fencing, sometimes referred to as wooden fences. People choose paling timber fencing because it’s cost effective, durable and they prefer the natural materials used in manufacturing the fence. Above all, paling timber fencing looks fantastic, and you can have your fence customised to your liking. Which Bears Fencing can do for you!

glossy wooden fence

When choosing your fence there are factors to consider such as:

  • The maximum legal height allowed for your situation.
  • What is possible with your product of choice.

Talk to your fence contractor to get this information which will assist you in planning. 

Another well-known style of timber fence in Australia is the picket fence. Picket fences are a popular choice for weatherboard style homes. They look extremely attractive as a feature both in the front of a property and when utilised in the backyard. Picket fences fit perfectly in a rural setting, particularly if you are a homeowner with green fingers and love gardening. Classic, romantic cottage gardens look beautiful with an ornate picket fence.

One of the main reasons to choose timber fences in a rural area, especially in parts of Western Australia, is that supplies and materials are easy to find. You can walk into any fence supply shop to source rural timber fencing supplies. Also, with the help of social media and digital marketing, you can quickly and easily find a reliable supplier of prefabricated timber fences. If you’re looking for a fence company that can supply and install timber fences, BEARS FENCING is here for you! If you would like to explore the options you have with rural timber fencing, call to get a free quote and to find out what fencing supplies are available!

  • Timber fencing in rural areas is a convenient choice because of its availability, durability and because it is cost effective.
  • Timber fencing is an excellent choice because it has flexibility of design and the ability to easily customise if required.
  • Timber fencing supplies are easily obtainable.

BEARS FENCING can offer you the best deals in fencing supplies. They also conform with Australian standards, in both the supply of materials and how they construct, so quality, durability, and safety are guaranteed

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Colorbond Fencing Extensions

What to Consider When Extending Colorbond Fences

A fencing extension is an option if you want to add height to your fence for improved privacy and security. It is important to consider what type of fence you have before deciding on extensions as it needs to suit the design and construction of your existing fence. Also, think about the height of the extension you want and envisage how the fence will look after construction.

The objective is to extend the height of the fence without ruining its appearance. For a COLORBOND fence, matching lattice or steel horizontal slats are an excellent choice as they complement the original COLORBOND fence.

Colorbond Fencing by Bears Fencing near Dunsborough.

If you need COLORBOND fence extensions, BEARS FENCING can assist. Call us today for pricing. Our quotes are competitive and realistic. There are a few key things to consider when extending COLORBOND fences to ensure that what you plan and expect are what you will end up with.

  • The existing height of your Colorbond fence – 1.8m high is standard and allows for height extension. Local councils set the minimum and maximum requirements for the height of dividing fences in their local area. Check with your local council to ensure the height you wish to extend to is allowable.
  • Estimate the length of your fence extension to help with estimating the cost and providing your chosen fencing contractor with the information they need to quote for you accurately.
  • Think about the materials you will use to extend the height of your Colorbond fence. Commonly used are steel traditional lattice extensions, horizontal steel slatted extensions and even solid Colorbond extensions.

A lattice extension can fit very well with a more traditional or an older style property while the more contemporary horizontal style slatted steel extensions look fantastic with newly built homes. Full coverage Colorbond fence panel extensions are unusual, but they do have the benefit of providing total privacy. Your chosen fencing contractor will be able to advise you what materials are available, how high you can extend your fence and if the ideas you have are practical and possible. Bears Fencing are happy to assist you with advice and recommendations! 

You may be concerned that your existing fence posts are not built high enough to take an extension, but your fencing contractor has simple techniques to resolve this and other issues. A good contractor will explain the basic processes they are going to undertake so that you are clear about how your fence extension will be installed. Have a chat and then let your professionals handle it!

What is the secret to great fences? – It’s creativity! If you need professional advice about fence extensions, particularly COLORBOND fences, reach out to BEARS FENCING!

The bottom line?

COLORBOND fences are already great privacy and security fences. Adding an extension to your COLORBOND fence is something that you should consider to enhance security further or to provide greater privacy. With a COLORBOND extension, there is no doubt that you’ll feel more secure and safe!

It’s important to consider every aspect of your planned COLORBOND extensions to avoid a poor outcome. Remember to be creative when extending you COLORBOND fence! A great looking fence really enhances the overall look and feel of your property!

Check out BEARS FENCING for COLORBOND fence extensions! Contact us now 

What You Should Know About a Twinside Retaining Fence’s

Twinside retaining is a common phrase often heard when discussing fencing. Twinside refers to the double-sided pattern that can be seen on both sides of a concrete pre-cast retaining panel.

Also known as post and panel retaining walls, property owners commonly use twinside retaining to retain soil on their property. Twinside retaining is often used to replace rotten timber sleeper retaining walls. It can also be used as an alternative to natural stone. Most importantly, it is cost effective!

Here is why you should choose twinside retaining:

  • It has a space saving design.
  • It’s low maintenance.
  • It’s long-lasting.
  • It does not warp or fade.
  • It’s termite resistan
  • Has a great choice of colours and finishes – Call Bears Fencing to find out more.
  • With the correct installation, BEARS FENCING will ensure your twinside retaining fences conform to the Australian standards.

Did you know that twinside retaining is also ideal in high-speed wind areas? Used in conjunction with COLORBOND fencing that is mounted above the twinside retaining wall, this combination will protect your property from intense bursts of wind, creating a more relaxing and enjoyable space to use. Would you like to know more? Talk to BEARS FENCING!

Twinside retaining is a versatile choice. It guarantees durability, is cost effective and will undoubtedly look fantastic! Well constructed, good looking fences add value to your property.

Make sure you find a good fence company to do the job!


retained coloorbond fence

Remember – While cost is an important consideration to you as a customer, the quality of the installation service and the products that are used are just as important. Do a little research about your planned twinside retaining fence beforehand. The information you gain will assist you when making your choice of fence and contractor.

If you are in Western Australia, BEARS FENCING can help you! All you have to do is reach out to us for further information and assistance with planning. 

We will then provide you with a value for money, free quotation. Please contact us today!

The Dangers of Asbestos

We have all heard about the dangerous nature
of asbestos in the home.

Asbestos contains microscopic fibres, which if
inhaled can cause cancer and lung disease. Many people have inadvertently been
exposed to these fibres over the years.

Unfortunately, in the past asbestos was used
for many things including roofing and fencing.

Asbestos was a cheap and therefore widely used
product, especially cement sheeting. The asbestos contained in older homes is
considered a serious risk. The reason for this is that the asbestos fibres are
generally held together by cement which may be reaching the end of its life and
will potentially allow the deadly asbestos fibres to escape. Roofing and
fencing materials containing asbestos are especially vulnerable to this as they
are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

You should never disturb anything in that part
of your house which contains asbestos, let alone try to remove it yourself.
Remember, asbestos can be present in solid sheet material and also as loosely
bound material.

Up until 1978, it is estimated that up to 98%
of houses built used asbestos in some way, so you can see the scale of the

If your home was built before 1979, there is a
good chance your house will have asbestos somewhere. It has only been since the
end of 2003 that asbestos in all of its forms has been banned throughout
Australia. So, unless you have a house built since that time, it is worth
ensuring that your home is asbestos free. Across Western Australia, many houses
were built when asbestos was a common building material, which are still
occupied today.

According to the information contained in the Cancer Council know asbestos information page,

if your home was built or renovated:

  • Before the mid 1980s: It is very likely to contain asbestos-containing materials
  • Mid 1980’s to 1990: It is likely to contain asbestos-containing materials
  • After 1990: It is unlikely to contain asbestos-containing materials

You shouldn’t rely on dates or visual
inspections to confirm if the material contains asbestos. If you are unsure
download the free ACM Check app for your phone either from the
App Store or Google Play.

The only sure way to verify if the material in
your home contains asbestos is to have a sample of it tested at an accredited
laboratory. You can find an accredited laboratory by visiting the National
Association of Testing Authorities or by calling 1800 621 666.

If you have established that your home
contains asbestos and have decided that it needs to be removed, the wisest
choice is to contact a licenced asbestos removal professional to arrange safe
removal and disposal.

Although there are new asbestos-encapsulation
products available on the market, it is highly advised that homeowners do not
attempt any of this work by themselves.

Is it worth the risk to your health? NO!

The removal of asbestos in WA is subject to
strict government regulations, and you should ensure that the contractor you
select is appropriately licensed and strictly conforms to the government
guidelines. Even though Bears Fencing does not specialise in asbestos removal
in Perth and Western Australia, we can help you find a licenced asbestos
removal specialist. This will ensure that asbestos removal in your home will be
safe and worry-free. Call us on 0434 900 602 to discuss! Now is the time to
make a decision about the removal of asbestos in WA at your property.

Asbestos fencing removal is a costly,
time-consuming process. There are many factors which contribute to the price,
including finding temporary accommodation for the house owner, hazard clothing
for the workers, replacing and rebuilding the affected areas and arranging for
the safe transport and disposal of the removed materials. This process is
complicated by the potential of airborne asbestos which has the possibility of
severe risks to health.

If you are on a budget and do not want to incur
the expense of testing, you should assume that any potential material may be
asbestos and treat it as such. It is better to be safe than sorry!

If you are aware of asbestos in your own or
your loved one’s homes, it is time to do something about it. The problem will
not go away, and the dangers from ageing materials increase with time. Think of
the costs involved as being an investment in a safer and healthier future.

For a chat about asbestos removal cost or
class A asbestos removal, or even If you need further advice about how to
proceed with asbestos fence removal in Perth or asbestos removal for your roof,
you should consult a professional. For the best advice regarding the steps to
take, and a discussion about the asbestos removal cost, give Bears Fencing a
call on 0434 900 602 to get the best information regarding asbestos removal and

COLORBONDⓇ Fencing for the Suburbs

color bond fence on limestone wall

Do you live in the suburbs? Are you looking
for fences that will stand strong and protect your property and family from
unwanted visitors? COLORBONDⓇ fencing is a great choice!

COLORBOND is amongst the top fencing choices for every home in the Australian suburbs. There are various reasons why people use COLORBONDⓇ fences and to understand those reasons, we must know what a COLORBOND fence is?

What are COLORBONDⓇ fences?

COLORBONDⓇ fences are types of fences that are made of COLORBONDⓇ steel which are pre-painted products that strictly adhere to Australian standards. Its inner base comes with Zincalume steel that is coated with zinc and aluminium for corrosion protection. The Zincalume steel is also coated with special colouring to create the COLORBONDⓇ. COLORBONDⓇ fences are made of COLORBONDⓇ panels, posts, caps, other finishing items and COLORBONDⓇ gates.

Sounds like a sturdy fence, right?

For further details about prices for COLORBONDⓇ fencing, reach out to Bears Fencing!

So, what are the benefits of COLORBONDⓇ fencing in the suburbs?

COLORBONDⓇ fencing is strong, durable and easy to maintain. It does not warp, corrode, rot and is not susceptible to termites. With a COLORBOND fence, you will spend less on the maintenance cost compared to other types of fences. Hose it down, then it’s cleaned!

A COLORBONDⓇ fence is fire resistant and an ideal privacy fence. It is no secret that there are wild bushfire incidents in Australia, especially in the suburbs. Having the COLORBONDⓇ fence can help safeguard your family and property.

With COLORBONDⓇ fencing, there are no gaps for prying eyes which can ensure your privacy. (No need to worry about snoopy neighbours) In fact, it is also noise resistant which allows you to live a more peaceful and harmonious suburb life.

To better achieve such an outcome, an experienced fence installer is required.

Choose Bears Fencing for quick and efficient COLORBONDⓇ fence installation and COLORBONDⓇ fence extension!

COLORBONDⓇ fences also come in various colours and designs for you to choose from. There are vast choices of designs and colours that can help accentuate your home and can also give it a modern and sophisticated look. COLORBONDⓇ fences also help your home achieve a distinctive presence in the neighbourhood. Its versatile colours and designs will also allow you to showcase creativity and artistry when choosing what is suited for your home.

COLORBONDⓇ fences are environment-friendly. They are made from recycled steel and will only generate a little scrap when installing. You do not have to apply chemicals to keep away pests and termites because it is termite and pest free. This is a good practice to help preserve the clean air in the suburbs.

You may be thinking, COLORBOND fencing will cost you an arm and a leg. The truth is… not really! They are cheap to install and require little to no cost for maintenance. It is a good investment and will help you save money just by purchasing it.

Request a Rapid quote to find out how much COLORBONDⓇ fence cost.

If you are looking out for fencing options in the suburbs, a COLORBONDⓇ fence is the number one choice. It is durable, strong and easy to maintain. It is also environment-friendly. No need to worry about scrap and chemicals. Also, no need to keep on repainting the fence from time to time which will save you a lot of time and money.

In this way, suburb air and environment will still be clean!

And your suburban living will be more peaceful and beautiful!

For COLORBOND fencing and installations, call Bears Fencing!