Are you looking to replace your retaining wall with limestone? What should you consider when planning your limestone retaining wall? How can you find a fencing company that offers efficient limestone retaining wall services?

Limestone is one of the most popular building materials in Perth due to its wide availability and the ongoing popularity of natural stone. Sourcing limestone for retaining walls is easy in Western Australia as it’s locally mined and available from a wide range of retailers. Fencing companies, such as Bears Fencing, can supply,  install and maintain the limestone retaining wall for you. The installation of a limestone retaining wall requires the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that it stays in place and is properly attached to the fence.

Proven tips when planning effective limestone retaining walls

Establish the design and the purpose of the retaining wall

Ask yourself these questions: why do I need a limestone retaining wall? Does my design resonate with the general look of my property? It’s best to think of these questions before you proceed with the installation of a limestone retaining wall for your fence. Your design should suit your own unique needs, be constructed correctly, and improve the overall aesthetic of your property.

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Know the ground condition of your property

Ground condition is one of the main factors to consider when planning an effective installation. Different ground types can require more preparation or may not be suitable, it’s best to ask for expert assistance to assess the quality of the soil on your property. For assistance with soil quality assessment when planning your limestone retaining wall project in Perth, or within the South West, contact Bears Fencing!

Check the property demarcations for utility lines.

There will be instances where utility lines are running within your property. Attempting to dig the retaining wall foundation may result in expensive damage and potential harm. Survey your property for utilities before starting to dig the retaining wall foundation. 

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Hire a professional fence retaining wall installer

With the help of a professional fence retaining wall installer, you will have an effective limestone retaining wall for your property that is expertly installed, which means it will last longer and also look great! Utilising the expertise of a professional retaining wall installer will also ensure that the work conforms to Australian standards. You should also note that depending on the height of your retaining wall, council approval may also be required for limestone retaining walls in Perth.

In addition, it is also essential that you know the basics of building and installing retaining walls so you can check the quality of service that is being carried out for you. Note that shoddy work may lead to cracked or leaning walls, which no one wants.
So, check with your contractor of choice about the following criteria:

  •  The base of the retaining wall must be built below ground level to ensure an excellent foundation and a stronger wall.
  •  A strong retaining wall is composed of adequately compacted backfill.
  • Make sure that the height of the wall will be sufficient for the purpose the wall is being built for.

With these main points covered, you can decide if the contractor’s work will be of a high enough quality and worth your investment! Limestone for retaining walls is a wise choice because of limestones durability, rugged good looks, and cost-effectiveness. Choose limestone for retaining walls. Nothing beats the benefits of a limestone retaining wall in Perth!

Reach out to Bears Fencing for more details about installing a limestone retaining wall in Perth!


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