Twinside retaining is one of the most effective fencing solutions for retaining soil in an efficient and cost-friendly way. Often used to replace rotten timber sleeper retaining walls, twinside retaining walls are made of pre-cast concrete, which makes them a durable and robust fence foundation. They also have a double-sided pattern that makes your retaining wall look stunning from both sides. 

Advantages of using twinside retaining walls:

Cost Effective

Twinside retaining walls provide savings initially – because they are quick to install and long term – because they are easy to maintain. There is no need to purchase specific products to protect or maintain these walls, which gives you cost savings from your initial investment, then throughout the lifespan of your wall.

Space Saving

There are various designs and styles of twinside retaining walls which accommodate most typical retaining requirements. With the right design, twinside retaining walls can maximise the existing space on your property and give a clean, uncluttered look. You need to give consideration to getting the design right to ensure you get a great result!

Design Choice

Twinside retaining walls are available in a wide variety of colours and textures that make it easy to find the look you are after for your property. Want the limestone look? Perhaps slate? Check with Bears Fencing to learn more about twinside retaining walls variety of colours and finishes.


Twinside retaining walls are manufactured with engineered steel-reinforced concrete. This means that installed correctly, they will stand true and not be affected by intense bursts of high wind, hail and flooding rain, protecting your property from soil erosion which can damage lawns and plants. Used on a boundary, they will also prevent weeds, animals, insects, and other unwanted visitors from entering your property.


Designed for high load and permanent situations, with low to no maintenance requirements. Twinside retaining walls are engineered to Australian standards, which gives you peace of mind regarding durability.

Twinside Retaining Walls - Bears Fencing

Bears Fencing is a respected fencing contractor in Perth and the South West of WA. Our team’s been in the industry for over 20 years and takes pride in completing projects that conform to Australian standards. Our team of fencing specialists will ensure that the installation of twinside retaining walls is done right the first time.
Choose us for twinside retaining walls projects in Perth! Take advantage of our expertise and our passion for helping people to build a practical and durable fence that is secure and looks great! We also provide fencing solutions and supplies to assist with maintenance or repair of existing twinside retaining walls. 

Are you ready for your twinside fencing project?

Reach out to us for twinside retaining walls installation in Perth.


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