zommed out Slatted Fencing & Gate

Slatted Fencing Dunsborough

With blocks sizes decreasing our need for both privacy and space is increasing. 

A project completed for a client in Dunsborough has addressed both of those issues in a stylish yet practical way using slatted fencing with a matching gate.

By selecting horizontal treated pine decking and alternating between 2 different sizes with a 10mm gap between boards, visual interest was created, without any compromise on privacy.

Utilising unused space at the front of a property has become extremely popular and makes absolute sense, particularly with our climate and lifestyle. Choosing slatted fencing and gates are just one of the many options you can choose to achieve this.

If you want to reclaim some space around your home, get in touch with the Bears Fencing team today! We service both Perth and the South West region.

Give Bears Fencing a call today to discuss your Slatted Fencing & Gate ideas or contact us via email today.

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