Do you need a retaining wall for your property? Do you need to hold back soil and prevent erosion? When your property has sharp changes in elevation, a retaining wall adds greater stability and prevents soil from moving. Another popular use for retaining walls is to add interest to a flat, plain block by installing low retaining walls that vary the levels. This can be used for creating different areas of use or even to create beds that are perfect for planting.

Retaining Wall Services in Perth & Perth's Southwest Region

Bears Fencing offers retaining walls constructed from various materials. Concrete sleeper retaining walls, limestone retaining walls and timber retaining walls using solid Jarrah sleepers, are just a few of the options available

There are many things to consider when building retaining walls such as the type of soil behind the wall, the wall type and the wall height. If this sounds like a stressful choice,  don’t worry because we got you covered!

With our teams years of experience, we can assist you in resolving any issues and concerns you have regarding the planning and choice of retaining walls. We’ll take into account your preference of materials, assess your block and also take into consideration what we know would look great and work well for your property. All you need to do is call and let us know the retaining wall ideas you have in mind. Bears Fencing is here to assist and come up with a workable plan. Reach out to us and have a discussion, together we can make your ideas a reality!

We can assist you in resolving any retaining walls issues and concerns. All you have to do is call us and let us know about the retaining wall ideas you have in mind. Bears Fencing is here to work it out for you and come up with a workable plan. 

Choose Bears Fencing when you are in need of an efficient, professional retaining wall service, with a team who genuinely cares and wants a great result for our clients. With Bears Fencing, there’s no doubt you’re in good hands!

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