Your home is your castle, right? Well, the land surrounding your castle sometimes needs some fortification too, to make sure that castle is protected! #vikings#outlander

We are talking retaining walls here. Yes, they do protect your home, as well as make it look good. Protect from what, you might wonder? Basically, Mother Nature herself and the laws of gravity. Let’s look at a few reasons you might consider building a retaining wall..

Rainwater Erosion:

Controlling the flow of water around your house is vital. Excessive water can create erosion around your foundation, causing instability, uneven moisture levels and eventual shifting and cracking. If the slope away from your home has been compromised, sediment and water can build up around your house. Retaining walls work well as part of an overall strategy to reduce the flow of excess water in both cases.

You’re Planning to Live on a Hill:

Ok. The block is in a dream location; the ideal house is in your head, you have the green light from the bank, the partner and the mother-in-law, but have you factored in retaining walls? Chances are they will be a necessary part of the plan. The site works to make a location level for your house build will create areas that need retaining. These retained areas will stop your home being inundated with soil and water, causing structural and safety issues later on.

It’s not all about protection, though. Sometimes retaining walls are more about creating visual interest, separating different areas of use or providing areas to plant. Retaining walls are also an excellent way to define a space and provide seating at the same time. Great for alfresco areas!

Retaining Walls Perth & the South West – What to think about:

  • Soil conditions & stability
  • Adjacent structures
  • Ground level
  • Local council requirements,
  • Drainage
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance of chosen materials
retaining walls

A good landscaper will be able to assist you with assessing these questions to come up with a workable plan that suits your reasons for building, property style and the practical stuff.

Here at Bears fencing, we have experience constructing many different types of retaining walls. We do a lot of post & panel and limestone retaining, but we also love to get a bit creative if our client has some great ideas or perhaps wants to construct utilizing a different type of material or product! Check out our website retaining page to get an idea of what we can do for you.

Give Bears Fencing a call today to discuss your retaining wall ideas or contact us via email today.


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