Limestone retaining walls provide a strong, classic feel that will enhance the character of your property, combining strength with the beauty of natural stone.

Lime Stone Retaining Walls In Perth & Perth's South West Region

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Limestone retaining walls are an extremely popular and almost iconic choice for Perth and the South West of Western Australia. Locally sourced limestone combined with quality design and construction will give you a solid, beautiful retaining wall that lasts for decades. The classic good looks of natural stone suit a wide range of settings, both coastal and inland, giving you a high end, solid look to your retaining wall which enhances your property, without dominating it. The Bears Fencing team are experts in delivering a high standard of construction when building your limestone retaining walls. 

With our years of experience, we can offer technical advice and provide practical feedback regarding your design ideas. If you don’t already have a design in mind, we can work with you to come up with a concept that suits your site and provides ‘the look’ you want. We also provide you with an obligation free quote. Bears continuing success in the South West is due not only to the quality of work we deliver, but also the process of providing fantastic customer service to our clients from start to finish, including followup if needed. Our team has been providing fencing services in Western Australia for over 20 years. We love what we do! If you’re ready to highlight your property with stunning limestone retaining walls, Call Bears Fencing and get a free quote!

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