Imagine a retaining wall with the beauty of natural timber or stone and the durability of concrete. That’s just what concrete sleeper retaining walls deliver. The uses for this type of retaining wall are only limited by your imagination. Bears Fencing can supply and install concrete sleeper retaining walls throughout the South West. Read on for some of the benefits this fantastic product offers.

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls In Perth & Perth's South West Region

The colour and textural choices of the sleepers are fantastic, with the timber look being extremely popular, but there are other options that mimic natural stone and sleepers with a smoother more modern feel. There is also a choice of galvanised or matching concrete posts, so you will find an option to suit your property’s look. Rustic or modern, elegant or smooth, the choice is yours!

grey concrete sleepers

Apart from these retaining walls looking great, the benefits of choosing this product are many. No white ants, fireproof, no rusting, no maintenance, they are extremely durable and are also an environmentally conscious choice, with no precious hardwood forests used to create this product.

In addition to using these concrete sleeper retaining walls for retaining, you might have some other ideas. They can be used to create a raised closed garden bed to enable easier standing access for a vegetable patch or to enable anyone with kneeling/bending issues to continue their love of gardening without pain. What about replacing the timber sleepers with concrete sleepers in a pebble pathway? Custom planter boxes for that stunning feature plant? The ideas are endless and Bears would love to help you create your next project!

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are a great looking, cost-effective choice and Bears Fencing is your best choice to supply and install. Offering exceptional customer service, a trusted name throughout the South West and delivering consistently professional results.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you.

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