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brushwood fence and tree

Brushwood fencing is a fantastic looking, natural alternative to the straight lines of regular timber or metal. Reminiscent of an earlier era, but utilising modern manufacturing processes and installation techniques, it’s the fencing to go for when you want a truly organic, individual look. If you want to utilise a renewable resource which has longevity and is locally sourced, brushwood fencing should be at the top of your list!

Brushwood and broombush are other names for Melaleuca uncinata, a hardy, local Western Australian shrub which is used to create all the brushwood fencing that Bears Fencing installs for its customers.

Bears Fencing sources our brushwood through Davey Brushwood Fencing, who only supply Brushwood Fencing that has been cropped throughout the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. The Wheatbelt Development Commission and Avongro have worked together to form a co-op of farmers that supply the Brushwood that we use to construct your fence. It’s an absolute plus that a product we supply and install for our customers is grown and sourced locally and benefits West Australian farmers.

Brushwood Fencing Has Many benefits, Apart From Aesthetic:

  • Renewable resource
  • Resilient and suitable against Western Australia’s harsh climate
  • Installed correctly, the life-span of Brushwood Fencing is 15+ years, but it’s not unusual for brushwood to last 25-30 years.
  • The high oil content of brushwood provides natural protection from white ants, insects and spiders.
  • Due to its strength, brushwood performs well in windy or exposed locations.
  • Brushwood fencing works extremely well as a noise barrier helping to reduce reflective sounds such as traffic noise.

Brushwood fencing has the ability to follow the landscape creating beautiful organic curves that look visually appealing, especially over longer spans! Popular with landscapers, architects, homeowners and garden designers, natural fences are enjoying a new surge in popularity due to their environmentally friendly nature and high durability. Brushwood is not only used for fences, gates, feature walls and screens, but can also be used for gazebos and pergola roofs.

This fencing is supplied in panels. Brushwood fencing panels have been compressed between high tensile wires and generally installed over a base to eliminate deterioration through moisture transfer. Treated timber, concrete, or any masonry or limestone block work can be used as a base. Assessment of the site is essential in the planning stages as Brushwood should not be installed in an area that is subject to water pooling. Bears Fencing will assess and suggest solutions if necessary. Brushwood fencing is finished at the top with matching lengths of brushwood capping which gives a finished look to your fence.

brushwood fence on retaining wall

If you’re considering a brushwood fence or wanting to utilise brushwood on a gazebo, pergola, gate or other landscaping structure, how can Bears Fencing help you? We can assist you in the planning stages, provide examples or suggestions that can help you to solidify your ideas whilst working within your budget and providing a reasonable quote. Or even if you are just wanting a brushwood fencing cost per metre or looking for a company to provide brushwood fencing supplies or repairs, please get in touch and have a chat with our friendly team!

Bears Fencing has built its reputation throughout Perth and the South West by providing excellent customer service, professional installation and reasonable prices. Call for a chat today!

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