Did you know that concrete sleepers are used throughout the entire length of the Adelaide to Darwin railway line? Considering this, you can see why concrete sleepers are a strong and durable product when for fencing. They are one of the best fencing solutions for retaining walls because they are constructed from concrete reinforced steel. Concrete reinforced steel is capable of holding considerable weight and protects your property from intense wind and rain. This makes it ideal if you live in high-wind-speed areas.

Why Use Concrete Sleepers

First things first, price is not the only factor you should think about when considering concrete sleepers. Below are some of the benefits:


Concrete sleepers are made of reinforced concrete and steel, which will last longer when compared to other fencing materials. Concrete sleepers are more than capable of handling the Australian climate. When you choose concrete sleepers to construct your retaining walls, they will continue to look great even after many years of weather exposure.

grey concrete sleepers


One of the major benefits of concrete sleepers is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking good. Apart from saving you time, with no expensive cleaning or repair products to buy, they also saves you money! Concrete sleepers are easy to install. However, getting a professional to do the job is highly recommended to ensure that it is done right.


Concrete sleepers are ideal for many types of terrain because they can be easily installed and firmly held in place to hold the weight of the fence. Having said this, the quality of the soil at your property is a factor that must be considered when building retaining walls. You do not want to construct a wall in areas with soft or rocky soil. 

Let a professional assess the quality of your land if you have doubts.


Did you know that concrete sleepers are an eco-friendlier choice than timber sleepers? Studies show that reinforced concrete sleepers result in lower life-cycle greenhouse emission than timber sleepers.

No warping, burning or flaking. Resistance to termites.

Concrete sleepers are strong and durable. They don’t warp, burn or flake even when exposed to weathering. You also don’t have the worry about hidden damage from termites, because concrete sleepers are termite resistant. If you like the sound of that, choose concrete sleepers for retaining walls and other projects! All you need is a professional installer to ensure that the job is done correctly.

At Bears Fencing, we pride ourselves in professional and efficient service. Our team has been in the fencing industry for over 20 years, which means we have the experience you need to provide all of your fencing solutions. Our expertise and professionalism mean you receive a high-quality result for your concrete sleepers installation and services.

Choose Bears Fencing for concrete sleepers installation and services in Perth!


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  1. I like that you said that when you choose concrete sleepers to construct your retaining walls, they will continue to look great even after many years of weather exposure. My husband and I are thinking about building a retaining wall on our property because we think that it would nice and that it would help stop erosion from happening so fast in our yard too. I think that it would be smart to use concrete sleepers because they would be durable and would also still look good so it would add to the design of our yard and we wouldn’t have to worry about it very much after it was built which would be nice.

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