Aluminium fences are one of the best privacy fences on the market. They secure your property effectively; they look fantastic and are also an excellent alternative to timber. Aluminium screen panels are cost-effective and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They can also be installed instantly! Constructed with high-quality materials that weather well in our harsh Australian climate, they are a smart choice!

For aluminium screen panels installation for your fence, contact Bears Fencing. Because of the many positive benefits, Aluminum privacy fences are one of the top choices for fencing in Australia right now. They are fully customization; you have the choice of having aluminium screen panels placed either vertically or horizontally, giving a lot of freedom to express your personal taste. Along with the great choice of colours and sizes, you can design to enhance the aesthetics of your property and neighborhood.

Why should you choose Aluminum Screen Panels?

Powder coated aluminium

Finished with powder coated aluminium paint that gives a clean, neat finish to your panels. Powder coated aluminium has a thicker than standard coating which copes extremely well against weathering and corrosion. You can also choose to paint aluminium screen panels with different colours that will resonate with your property.

powder coated aluminum beam

Low maintenance

Aluminium screen panels are durable and lightweight, and require nothing more than an annual soap up and wash down for optimal maintenance. Compared this to timber, which requires periodic painting (scraping off old paint, sanding, priming etc.) to ensure the timber is protected from the elements, The lack of maintenance means your initial investment pays you back with a trouble-free fence and less time spent maintaining it!. Also, time spent on installation is less because the panels are lightweight and pre-fabricated. Aluminium looks fantastic even years down the track!

Blades will not warp, crack or splinter.

Aluminium screen panels are made of high-quality materials that do not warp or bend even after years of usage. You can expect that the shape and appearance will be retained even if your panels have been exposed to weathering over many years. With a protective coating that is resistant to corrosion, Aluminum screen panels are an easy choice!


Aluminium is a non-combustible material which makes it an extremely smart choice if you are living in a bushfire area. When exposed to high temperatures, aluminium will melt, but it’s not flammable. For safety and peace of mind, aluminium screen panels are your best bet!

Wide variety of colours and design

Aluminium screen panels have various shapes and sizes that are suitable for cutting, shearing, drilling, and profiling to suit the user’s needs. Available in standard colours that you use to blend in with your property or the ‘look’ you want. You can ask also ask your installer for a custom design or colour.

Wait, there are still more reasons to choose Aluminum Screen Panels!

Apart from cost-effectiveness and durability, there is always the consideration of how the product is constructed and how that will affect the environment. Aluminium screen panels are an environmentally-friendly choice as they generate zero waste and toxic gas. Choose aluminium for your screen panels!

Bears Fencing offers the best deals in aluminium screen panels

Bears offer high-quality aluminium screen panels that we can easily install and maintain. Tell us how you want your privacy fence to look, and we can do it for you. We take pride in quick and professional work, along with excellent customer service.

Talk to us for more details.


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