Timber Fencing Guide - Where to Get Supplies?

You might be surprised to know that timber fences are one of the most commonly built fences in Australia! If you want your property to look great and stand out from others in your area, timber fencing is a great choice to consider. From a construction perspective, timber is such a flexible material and offers a multitude of design choices. Timber fences can give your property a classic rustic, modern bespoke or timelessly elegant look. Timber fences are particularly popular in rural areas. People choose timber for fencing because it compliments the design or aesthetics of their home or property. It’s also durable and looks great, even years after being built. No wonder it’s chosen by so many! 

The question is: How easy it is to get supplies or materials for rural timber fencing? The answer to that is: Very easy!

Bears Fencing can provide you with rural timber fencing supplies at a great price. Call us today for more information!

One of the most popular types of timber fencing in rural areas is paling timber fencing, sometimes referred to as wooden fences. People choose paling timber fencing because it’s cost effective, durable and they prefer the natural materials used in manufacturing the fence. Above all, paling timber fencing looks fantastic, and you can have your fence customised to your liking. Which Bears Fencing can do for you!

glossy wooden fence

When choosing your fence there are factors to consider such as:

  • The maximum legal height allowed for your situation.
  • What is possible with your product of choice.

Talk to your fence contractor to get this information which will assist you in planning. 

Another well-known style of timber fence in Australia is the picket fence. Picket fences are a popular choice for weatherboard style homes. They look extremely attractive as a feature both in the front of a property and when utilised in the backyard. Picket fences fit perfectly in a rural setting, particularly if you are a homeowner with green fingers and love gardening. Classic, romantic cottage gardens look beautiful with an ornate picket fence.

One of the main reasons to choose timber fences in a rural area, especially in parts of Western Australia, is that supplies and materials are easy to find. You can walk into any fence supply shop to source rural timber fencing supplies. Also, with the help of social media and digital marketing, you can quickly and easily find a reliable supplier of prefabricated timber fences. If you’re looking for a fence company that can supply and install timber fences, BEARS FENCING is here for you! If you would like to explore the options you have with rural timber fencing, call to get a free quote and to find out what fencing supplies are available!

  • Timber fencing in rural areas is a convenient choice because of its availability, durability and because it is cost effective.
  • Timber fencing is an excellent choice because it has flexibility of design and the ability to easily customise if required.
  • Timber fencing supplies are easily obtainable.

BEARS FENCING can offer you the best deals in fencing supplies. They also conform with Australian standards, in both the supply of materials and how they construct, so quality, durability, and safety are guaranteed

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