Palisade fencing and gates are strong, secure and offer the most effective security fencing solution. Particularly suitable for commercial and industrial premises and anywhere that has high-level perimeter security requirements. You will have seen palisade gates and fencing around vehicle yards, stadiums, highway/freeway storage sites, graffiti-prone sites, storage facilities etc. Palisade gates are also sometimes chosen for a domestic property to provide the ultimate in security.

Construction Of Palisade Gates

Palisade gates are constructed in the same design as the fencing, with cold rolled steel rails (pales), which are attached to horizontal running rails, connected to vertical steel joists. Tamper Proof and assembled with special bolts and rivets that cannot be removed. The hot dipped galvanised steel finish can also be powder coated if required. Maintenance on these gates and fences is minimal, and they are an extremely long lasting security solution.


Palisade Gates metal

There is a range of profiles available for the pales, some being sharper and harder for intruders to climb. Combined with a number of different styles of pointed heads on the pales which ensure that intruders will have a hard time scaling these gates.

Palisade gates are available as single and double pedestrian swing gates, Cantilever gates and sliding palisade gates. The type of gate chosen will be dependant on the size of the opening, the traffic type and numbers using the gate and personal preference.

Customisation & Automation Of Palisade Gates

Automation and customisation of your gate is entirely possible, with necessary open and close automation being the most common. An automated gate is an excellent solution for a business. It provides excellent security, looks good and offers convenience. Common ways to use are by a keypad system, keyfob or access card.

The installation of Palisade gates to higher security premises usually requires some level of customisation and integration with security systems already in use or planned. Customisations can include:

  • Remote Controls
  • Electric Locks
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Multi-code Digital Keypads
  • Photocell Sensors
  • Digital timing openers/closers
  • Intercoms (Audio & Visual)
  • Full integration of automated gates into the client’s security system
silver Palisade Gates

Palisade gates offer all the benefits of Palisade Fencing. Its a strong visual deterrent, provides clear viewing for security, it is hard to climb, it has a sturdy construction that is difficult to break with force, It’s very low in maintenance and hugs the ground, so it is good for uneven sites to prevent gaps. Available in heights to 3m and higher as a customised solution. Security can be increased with a range of additions such as electric fence extensions, razor tape, cameras etc.

If you are interested in steel palisade gates Perth or the South West but are unsure of what type of gate would be best suited, or what automation and customisation options may be available or suit your situation. Please submit an enquiry to the Bears team. We can work with you to plan a solution that will protect your business from intruders.

With an excellent reputation and over 20 years of fencing installation experience, the Bears Fencing team will provide a great experience from start to finish for your project. Contact us today.