Chain wire gates are also known as chain mesh gates, chain link gates or simply chain gates. Constructed using woven mesh made from hot dipped galvanised steel wire, set within hot dipped galvanised pipe frames. The wires in the mesh run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each ‘zig’ hooks over the wire immediately on one side, and each ‘zag’ hooks over the wire immediately on the other side.  This forms the diamond pattern seen in this type of mesh.

What Are Chain Wire Gates

These gates are generally used with matching chain mesh fencing and provide many different construction options for economically increasing security around the perimeter of a property. In addition, chain wire gates can be topped with razor wire, barb wire and electric wire to enhance security and to match the run of fence. Chain mesh and chain wire gates are a versatile product and can also used be used to give a decorative ‘rustic’ feel to a property when combined with metal scroll detailing. Gates like this can be seen throughout older areas of Perth and also in rural areas throughout the South West region.

Chain Mesh Fence by Bears Fencing

Because chain wire gates are made of galvanised steel wires, they are resistant to the damaging effects of the environment. This material is well suited to places like Western Australia with its harsh weather and can last for many years. Also great for holding up to strong winds, giving you confidence regardless of the weather conditions.

Materials Used In Construction Of Chain Wire Gates

Galvanised:  Most chain wire mesh gates use a 2.5mm diameter standard weight hot-dip galvanised wire. For commercial fencing and gates, the mesh is available in a 3.15mm heavy galvanised wire.  This is also used where climate conditions require a heavier duty, longer life wire, for example – near coastal areas.

PVC coated gates: This gate utilises a green or black coloured PVC coated mesh, to protect the galvanised wire and provide a higher end look and blend with the surrounding environment. The PVC coating is designed for prolonged life, as the coating provides extra protection over the galvanised wire and protects against rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel gates: Some chain wire fences are made of stainless steel.  These are less common because of the cost but provide an extremely durable product.

Types Of Chain Wire Gates

Standard chain wire gates fall into three basic categories. Domestic, security and heavy-duty gates. Within these categories, there are options for single and double swing gates, cantilever gates, roll gates and some of these types can also be automated.

Fittings Available When Installing Chain Wire Gates

There are a myriad of standard, readily available fittings for chain wire gate and fence construction, some of the components used will include: Chain gate latch, brackets, joiners, clamps, post caps, latches and lugs.

Typical Use Of Chain Wire Gates

  • Internal chain wire gates and fencing are ideal if you need to separate areas of your workshop; make partitions; or for lockable storage areas.
  • Security cages. These are lockable storage areas with galvanised chain wire roofs.
  • Commercial construction sites. To provide protection for materials and the public.
  • Commercial premises.
  • Rural gates.
  • Animal Enclosures. The mesh comes in various sized holes – there are even holes small enough to keep snakes and vermin out!
  • Sporting areas and schools. Sporting ovals,  tennis courts, basketball, netball and hockey court chain mesh gates and fencing, go-kart fencing, etc.

Costs Of Chain Wire Gates

 Galvanised mesh gates are the more affordable option, with PVC covered mesh often costing 30% – 50% more than galvanised. Stainless steel is the most expensive option. Bears Fencing has extensive experience in supplying and installing chain wire gates and fencing. 

If you are considering installing and buying chain link gates, or security chain link gates, contact us today to discuss your requirements and to request a free, no obligation quote.