When you think of gates for your home, whether for privacy, security, or both, you may automatically think of Colorbond or timber gates, but why not consider an aluminium slat gate? Gates that utilise powder coated aluminium are becoming extremely popular in Perth and the South West. Why are people choosing this material over timber and steel? Aluminium is a good-looking and low-maintenance alternative that will enhance the appeal of any property. This choice is particularly suited to coastal locations which has ensured the growth in popularity of aluminium slat gates Perth and Western Australia. While you may already know how good these gates look, also consider some of the following benefits associated with choosing an aluminium slat gate:

Security of Aluminium Slat Gates

While there are other gate materials that offer a higher level of security than aluminium slats, in most cases, they provide ample protection for the majority of clients in a suburban situation. While aluminium is not as strong as steel, it’s still very solid, and the way these gates are designed makes them extremely sturdy and secure. The overall strength of these gates would require grinders or other tools to break through, which would make enough noise to alert homeowners that someone was trying to break in.

Low to No Maintenance Aluminium Slat Gates

Aluminium slat gates will not rust like steel. Aluminium slat gates will never warp, splinter or require painting or oiling like timber. Aluminium is Termite proof as well – an important consideration in Australia. They’re perfect for our climate because they’re unaffected by the sun and they also perform well in rain and cold periods, making them ideal for Australian conditions.

Privacy of Aluminium Slat Gates

With your choice of slat size and slat spacing, you control the level of privacy desired when planning your gate.

Versatility of Aluminium Slat Gates

When planning your gate, you have the choice of slats being installed horizontally or vertically. The slats are available in various widths and can be either powder coated in the colour of your choice or are available in a range of timber look finishes. These options provide a large scope of design possibilities.

Aesthetics of Aluminium Slat Gates

Aluminium slat gates are a very attractive choice. While the overall aesthetic of aluminium slat gates is particularly well suited to modern or contemporary housing design, these gates also look fantastic against more traditional construction, particularly when a property has been renovated to incorporate a mix of contemporary and traditional elements.

Timber Look Aluminum Slats

Timber look aluminium slats come in a variety of timber look finishes which give you the warmth of timber, but with the practicalities of a powder coated aluminium product. YES, THEY REALLY DO LOOK LIKE TIMBER!

Coloured Aluminum Slats

Bears Fencing can supply and install aluminium slats gates in many different colours to suit your existing fencing and property. See the Colourbond colour chart for further information and inspiration.

Cost of Aluminium Slat Gates

Although aluminium products have more expensive costs up-front, unlike timber you don’t have to worry about the additional, ongoing cost of maintenance, as there is none!. Aluminium gates are also built to last over the long term. These facts make aluminium the more cost-effective of the two materials.

We can supply and install automated aluminium slat swing and sliding gates to suit your property, including solar powered options. Want further information? Please get in contact with us and we can discuss the options available.

If you’re unsure about whether aluminium slat gates would suit your property, give us a call, and we can offer our advice. We have installed these gate in numerous styles of properties and sometimes just tweaking the choice of colour, or the style of gate construction can make the difference. These gates are a superb choice for longevity, reliability and good looks! Bears Fencing can assist you with any questions you may have regarding the design, construction and cost of your planned aluminium slat gate. Our 20+ years of experience building and installing gates ensure that you receive a quality gate that works as expected, year after year.

The Bears Fencing team always provide a professional, friendly install experience.  Contact Us today to start your Slat gate project now!