The fencing industry is a competitive market. There are many fencing contractors in Western Australia and finding the best one can become a challenge, due to the wide availability of resources and competition with prices and services. The truth is, all fencing companies in Western Australia do a decent job of providing fencing for Australian homes.

As a consumer, your focus should be to find a timber fencing contractor who can offer you premium quality fences at a reasonable price. There are a few things to consider both when choosing your style of timber fencing and your timber fence contractor. 

How to choose a Timber Fence type

A quick look through the Bears Fencing website will show many styles of timber fencing. picket fencing, pinelap fencing, brushwood fencing, rural post & rail fencing and also many examples of timber fencing combined with other materials such as corrugated iron, chain wire and stainless steel wire. Choosing your timber fencing style will depend on personal preference, budget, security and also privacy needs. You will need to consider adherence to any subdivision covenants and local government fencing requirements. If the fence in question is a dividing fence, your neighbours budget and style preferences will also play a part in your choice.

Advice on Selecting a Fencing contractor

Initially, most of us will take advantage of Google! Search for contractors using specific terms about the type of fence you choose and the area you live in. A lot of fencing contractors now also advertise their services via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media is great as it allows you to view genuine feedback from previous customers, and also how the company themselves responds to feedback and how engaged they are with their clients. Use both social media and the company website to view designs and fencing ideas and to get a feel for the business.

Please check out BEARS FENCING’s Facebook page

Another common way to find a great timber fence contractor is through word of mouth. Talk to your neighbors, friends, and acquaintances. Look at their fencing, get candid feedback from them and find out what problems they may have encountered while dealing with the contractor and any unexpected issues they might have had that are typical in your suburb or region. Also, they may have had dealings with your local council that you might need to be aware of when estimating timeframes for your project.

Important points consider when choosing a fencing contractor for your wood fence project:

  • Fencing contractors are generally either specialists who build one particular type of fencing or fencing all-rounders who have experience in constructing many different styles of fencing and who provide a range of other valuable services in addition to being highly skilled in fence construction.
  • Fencing can be complicated by many factors such as the need to construct retained areas, earthworks and the provision of gates. The best option is to choose a contractor who has a range of experience in constructing many types of fencing and who is experienced in general construction. This will ensure the contractor you engage can deal with any unexpected requirements your project may throw at you!
  • Pricing is another concern when choosing a timber fence contractor. Remember – It is not just about who offers the cheapest fencing services, but the quality of both the end result and the way the project is carried out. A good fencing contractor will have the processes in place to ensure a quality result while providing excellent customer service during construction and a guarantee of workmanship with follow-up if needed.
  • Your chosen contractor should always provide fencing that complies with Australian Standards and also construct to meet the standards required.
  • Timber fencing in Western Australia will cost you between $75 to $160 per metre depending on the style, length and height of the fence and more than this for custom design, one-off timber fencing.
  • A well-constructed timber fence will boost property value and looks fantastic! A poorly made fence can detract from your property value.

Finding the best timber fence contractor can be easy, especially if you know where to look. Follow some of the tips above, do your research and talk to others about their experiences. check out Bears Fencing timber fencing page for more information.

If you are in Western Australia, BEARS FENCING offers quality fences at a competitive price! For timber fences, free quotations are available.


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