Are you worried about security in your property? Do you need a fence with high-security features? If so, you should consider electric fencing! Bears Fencing is an Australian owned fencing company that offers electric fencing services, repair and installations. Our electric fencing installations are ideal for several purposes, such as containing animals in a specific area and for personal and property security purposes. Our electric fences can be easily installed and require minimal maintenance.

We offer electric fences that are economical, which can be built and installed quickly and can also save you time and money. We use products that are trusted worldwide as safe and effective fencing solutions. Purchasing your fencing from us means that you are buying the best electric fence supplies Australia has to offer.

With the help of our professional team, the installation will be carried out quickly and efficiently. Our expert team can handle small or large scale projects, and they will provide expert advice and guidelines when planning your electric fencing project.

The Fencing team has been building and installing fences for a combined 20 years. In that time, we have mastered the skills that are required to achieve an efficient and professional fencing service. This achievement has led us to become one of the most recommended fencing companies in Western Australia.

It’s our mission to provide clients with high-quality fences at an affordable price and to deliver excellent value to our customers. Our electric fence service conforms to the current Australian standards. With Bears Fencing, electric fencing is economical, safe and can save you a lot of money!

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