We have all heard about the dangerous nature of asbestos in the home.

Asbestos contains microscopic fibres, which if inhaled can cause cancer and lung disease. Many people have inadvertently been exposed to these fibres over the years.

Unfortunately, in the past asbestos was used for many things including roofing and fencing.

Asbestos was a cheap and therefore widely used product, especially cement sheeting. The asbestos contained in older homes is considered a serious risk. The reason for this is that the asbestos fibres are generally held together by cement which may be reaching the end of its life and will potentially allow the deadly asbestos fibres to escape. Roofing and fencing materials containing asbestos are especially vulnerable to this as they are exposed to extreme weather conditions.

You should never disturb anything in that part of your house which contains asbestos, let alone try to remove it yourself. Remember, asbestos can be present in solid sheet material and also as loosely bound material.

Up until 1978, it is estimated that up to 98% of houses built used asbestos in some way, so you can see the scale of the problem.

If your home was built before 1979, there is a good chance your house will have asbestos somewhere. It has only been since the end of 2003 that asbestos in all of its forms has been banned throughout Australia. So, unless you have a house built since that time, it is worth ensuring that your home is asbestos free. Across Western Australia, many houses were built when asbestos was a common building material, which are still occupied today.

According to the information contained in the Cancer Council know asbestos information page,

if your home was built or renovated:

  • Before the mid 1980s: It is very likely to contain asbestos-containing materials
  • Mid 1980’s to 1990: It is likely to contain asbestos-containing materials
  • After 1990: It is unlikely to contain asbestos-containing materials

You shouldn’t rely on dates or visual inspections to confirm if the material contains asbestos. If you are unsure download the free ACM Check app for your phone either from the App Store or Google Play.

The only sure way to verify if the material in your home contains asbestos is to have a sample of it tested at an accredited laboratory. You can find an accredited laboratory by visiting the National Association of Testing Authorities or by calling 1800 621 666.

If you have established that your home contains asbestos and have decided that it needs to be removed, the wisest choice is to contact a licenced asbestos removal professional to arrange safe removal and disposal.

Although there are new asbestos-encapsulation products available on the market, it is highly advised that homeowners do not attempt any of this work by themselves.

Is it worth the risk to your health? NO!

The removal of asbestos in WA is subject to strict government regulations, and you should ensure that the contractor you select is appropriately licensed and strictly conforms to the government guidelines. Even though Bears Fencing does not specialise in asbestos removal in Perth and Western Australia, we can help you find a licenced asbestos removal specialist. This will ensure that asbestos removal in your home will be safe and worry-free. Call us on 0434 900 602 to discuss! Now is the time to make a decision about the removal of asbestos in WA at your property.

Asbestos fencing removal is a costly, time-consuming process. There are many factors which contribute to the price, including finding temporary accommodation for the house owner, hazard clothing for the workers, replacing and rebuilding the affected areas and arranging for the safe transport and disposal of the removed materials. This process is complicated by the potential of airborne asbestos which has the possibility of severe risks to health.

If you are on a budget and do not want to incur the expense of testing, you should assume that any potential material may be asbestos and treat it as such. It is better to be safe than sorry!

If you are aware of asbestos in your own or your loved one’s homes, it is time to do something about it. The problem will not go away, and the dangers from ageing materials increase with time. Think of the costs involved as being an investment in a safer and healthier future.

For a chat about asbestos removal cost or class A asbestos removal, or even If you need further advice about how to proceed with asbestos fence removal in Perth or asbestos removal for your roof, you should consult a professional. For the best advice regarding the steps to take, and a discussion about the asbestos removal cost, give Bears Fencing a call on 0434 900 602 to get the best information regarding asbestos removal and demolition.


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