color bond fence on limestone wall

Do you live in the suburbs? Are you looking
for fences that will stand strong and protect your property and family from
unwanted visitors? COLORBONDⓇ fencing is a great choice!

COLORBOND is amongst the top fencing choices for every home in the Australian suburbs. There are various reasons why people use COLORBONDⓇ fences and to understand those reasons, we must know what a COLORBOND fence is?

What are COLORBONDⓇ fences?

COLORBONDⓇ fences are types of fences that are made of COLORBONDⓇ steel which are pre-painted products that strictly adhere to Australian standards. Its inner base comes with Zincalume steel that is coated with zinc and aluminium for corrosion protection. The Zincalume steel is also coated with special colouring to create the COLORBONDⓇ. COLORBONDⓇ fences are made of COLORBONDⓇ panels, posts, caps, other finishing items and COLORBONDⓇ gates.

Sounds like a sturdy fence, right?

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So, what are the benefits of COLORBONDⓇ fencing in the suburbs?

COLORBONDⓇ fencing is strong, durable and easy to maintain. It does not warp, corrode, rot and is not susceptible to termites. With a COLORBOND fence, you will spend less on the maintenance cost compared to other types of fences. Hose it down, then it’s cleaned!

A COLORBONDⓇ fence is fire resistant and an ideal privacy fence. It is no secret that there are wild bushfire incidents in Australia, especially in the suburbs. Having the COLORBONDⓇ fence can help safeguard your family and property.

With COLORBONDⓇ fencing, there are no gaps for prying eyes which can ensure your privacy. (No need to worry about snoopy neighbours) In fact, it is also noise resistant which allows you to live a more peaceful and harmonious suburb life.

To better achieve such an outcome, an experienced fence installer is required.

Choose Bears Fencing for quick and efficient COLORBONDⓇ fence installation and COLORBONDⓇ fence extension!

COLORBONDⓇ fences also come in various colours and designs for you to choose from. There are vast choices of designs and colours that can help accentuate your home and can also give it a modern and sophisticated look. COLORBONDⓇ fences also help your home achieve a distinctive presence in the neighbourhood. Its versatile colours and designs will also allow you to showcase creativity and artistry when choosing what is suited for your home.

COLORBONDⓇ fences are environment-friendly. They are made from recycled steel and will only generate a little scrap when installing. You do not have to apply chemicals to keep away pests and termites because it is termite and pest free. This is a good practice to help preserve the clean air in the suburbs.

You may be thinking, COLORBOND fencing will cost you an arm and a leg. The truth is… not really! They are cheap to install and require little to no cost for maintenance. It is a good investment and will help you save money just by purchasing it.

Request a Rapid quote to find out how much COLORBONDⓇ fence cost.

If you are looking out for fencing options in the suburbs, a COLORBONDⓇ fence is the number one choice. It is durable, strong and easy to maintain. It is also environment-friendly. No need to worry about scrap and chemicals. Also, no need to keep on repainting the fence from time to time which will save you a lot of time and money.

In this way, suburb air and environment will still be clean!

And your suburban living will be more peaceful and beautiful!

For COLORBOND fencing and installations, call Bears Fencing!


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