What to Consider When Extending Colorbond Fences

A fencing extension is an option if you want to add height to your fence for improved privacy and security. It is important to consider what type of fence you have before deciding on extensions as it needs to suit the design and construction of your existing fence. Also, think about the height of the extension you want and envisage how the fence will look after construction.

The objective is to extend the height of the fence without ruining its appearance. For a COLORBOND fence, matching lattice or steel horizontal slats are an excellent choice as they complement the original COLORBOND fence.

Colorbond Fencing by Bears Fencing near Dunsborough.

If you need COLORBOND fence extensions, BEARS FENCING can assist. Call us today for pricing. Our quotes are competitive and realistic. There are a few key things to consider when extending COLORBOND fences to ensure that what you plan and expect are what you will end up with.

  • The existing height of your Colorbond fence – 1.8m high is standard and allows for height extension. Local councils set the minimum and maximum requirements for the height of dividing fences in their local area. Check with your local council to ensure the height you wish to extend to is allowable.
  • Estimate the length of your fence extension to help with estimating the cost and providing your chosen fencing contractor with the information they need to quote for you accurately.
  • Think about the materials you will use to extend the height of your Colorbond fence. Commonly used are steel traditional lattice extensions, horizontal steel slatted extensions and even solid Colorbond extensions.

A lattice extension can fit very well with a more traditional or an older style property while the more contemporary horizontal style slatted steel extensions look fantastic with newly built homes. Full coverage Colorbond fence panel extensions are unusual, but they do have the benefit of providing total privacy. Your chosen fencing contractor will be able to advise you what materials are available, how high you can extend your fence and if the ideas you have are practical and possible. Bears Fencing are happy to assist you with advice and recommendations! 

You may be concerned that your existing fence posts are not built high enough to take an extension, but your fencing contractor has simple techniques to resolve this and other issues. A good contractor will explain the basic processes they are going to undertake so that you are clear about how your fence extension will be installed. Have a chat and then let your professionals handle it!

What is the secret to great fences? – It’s creativity! If you need professional advice about fence extensions, particularly COLORBOND fences, reach out to BEARS FENCING!

The bottom line?

COLORBOND fences are already great privacy and security fences. Adding an extension to your COLORBOND fence is something that you should consider to enhance security further or to provide greater privacy. With a COLORBOND extension, there is no doubt that you’ll feel more secure and safe!

It’s important to consider every aspect of your planned COLORBOND extensions to avoid a poor outcome. Remember to be creative when extending you COLORBOND fence! A great looking fence really enhances the overall look and feel of your property!

Check out BEARS FENCING for COLORBOND fence extensions! Contact us now 


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  1. I want to have a fence installed, but I want to make sure that it lasts me a long time. It makes sense that having a colorbond fence would be beneficial! It might be a good idea to talk to a professional if I ever need to have it heightened.

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