Retaining Walls Perth & the South West

Your home is your castle, right? Well, the land surrounding your castle sometimes needs some fortification too, to make sure that castle is protected! #vikings#outlander

We are talking retaining walls here. Yes, they do protect your home, as well as make it look good. Protect from what, you might wonder? Basically, Mother Nature herself and the laws of gravity. Let’s look at a few reasons you might consider building a retaining wall..

Rainwater Erosion:

Controlling the flow of water around your house is vital. Excessive water can create erosion around your foundation, causing instability, uneven moisture levels and eventual shifting and cracking. If the slope away from your home has been compromised, sediment and water can build up around your house. Retaining walls work well as part of an overall strategy to reduce the flow of excess water in both cases.

You’re Planning to Live on a Hill:

Ok. The block is in a dream location; the ideal house is in your head, you have the green light from the bank, the partner and the mother-in-law, but have you factored in retaining walls? Chances are they will be a necessary part of the plan. The site works to make a location level for your house build will create areas that need retaining. These retained areas will stop your home being inundated with soil and water, causing structural and safety issues later on.

It’s not all about protection, though. Sometimes retaining walls are more about creating visual interest, separating different areas of use or providing areas to plant. Retaining walls are also an excellent way to define a space and provide seating at the same time. Great for alfresco areas!

Retaining Walls Perth & the South West – What to think about:

  • Soil conditions & stability
  • Adjacent structures
  • Ground level
  • Local council requirements,
  • Drainage
  • Aesthetics
  • Maintenance of chosen materials
retaining walls

A good landscaper will be able to assist you with assessing these questions to come up with a workable plan that suits your reasons for building, property style and the practical stuff.

Here at Bears fencing, we have experience constructing many different types of retaining walls. We do a lot of post & panel and limestone retaining, but we also love to get a bit creative if our client has some great ideas or perhaps wants to construct utilizing a different type of material or product! Check out our website retaining page to get an idea of what we can do for you.

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Cyclone Fencing

What is Cyclone Fencing all about

Cyclone fencing, chainlink, chainwire, chain mesh, diamond mesh, hurricane fencing (if you’re from the US!) All different names for the same type of fencing.

Chainwire fencing originated in the UK back in the 1800’s, with its design based on the manufacturing process of cloth weaving.

Used worldwide, it’s one of the most recognisable types of fencing. With strength and versatility, this fencing staple is utilised throughout a wide range of industries and the domestic market.

In Australia, the trusted Cyclone brand was the first company to introduce a pre-fab fence called SpringCoil. In the 1980’s after Boral purchased the Cyclone brand, Slim Dusty became the voice of Cyclone in a string of well-known TV commercials. This brand is still available on today’s market, having an almost iconic status amongst rural Australia.

What is a Cyclone Fence?

Wikipedia describes the design of chainwire as:

‘The wires run vertically and are bent into a zig-zag pattern so that each “zig” hooks with the wire immediately on one side and each “zag” with the wire immediately on the other. This forms the characteristic diamond pattern seen in this type of fence.’

Chainwire is made using hot-dipped galvanised wire, with a PVC coated option available that provides an updated look. There are choices of roll heights, diamond sizes and selvedge types that suit different applications. Galvanised posts and fittings provide a solid framework for the mesh.

Chainwire can also be used with timber posts and rails rather than galvanised. This softens the somewhat ‘industrial’ feel of chainwire and suits a range of situations.

You’ll see chainwire used for tennis courts, cricket nets, around schools and childcare centres, industrial and commercial property, for internal partitioning, on rural properties, farms and construction sites. Anywhere that strength, security and longevity are needed at a reasonable price point.

Cyclone fencing is often not the first choice for fencing, but it has a myriad of uses and advantages as well as standing the test of time.

Bears Fencing has completed many projects for clients utilising Cyclone fencing. Check the gallery on our website for examples and to start planning your Cyclone fence! 

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8 Reasons to Choose Brushwood Fencing

How much do you know about brushwood fencing? There are some real advantages to choosing this handsome looking product! Read on to learn more..

Brushwood is a Renewable Resource

Brushwood Fencing is created from Melaleuca uncinata, which is also known as broombush, honeymyrtle or brushwood and is native to southern Australia. Grown and cropped throughout the Wheatbelt, it’s a renewable resource which also benefits our economy and community. The growth, harvesting and management creates jobs throughout the region. Bears Fencing sources all of our brushwood fencing products from West Australian business Davey Brushwood Fencing.

brushwood fence on retaining wall

Brushwood Fencing Creates a Quieter Space

Did you know that Brushwood fencing has excellent sound deadening properties? Because of the way that it’s made, with packed layers of natural material, brushwood has outstanding noise absorption. This natural product will muffle and trap the noise, unlike hard surface fencing which can bounce noise around, and sometimes conduct sound. As suburban lot sizes reduce more each year, the privacy and noise issues have increased. Brushwood is one tool in the range of strategies to combat this.

Brushwood can Help Fight the Fremantle Doctor

We all love the summer breeze when it cools us down, but in the southern parts of Western Australia, strong winds can be a big problem. It can make outdoor spaces uncomfortable, cause soil erosion in gardens and damage to plants. Using brushwood as a wind reduction barrier makes sense. Because the fence material disperses and reduces the wind, you still get airflow, but the fence structure itself is not subject to heavy strain. This creates a comfortable environment for your backyard, patio or pool area. Brushwood can also be used to create free-standing screens which give the same benefits.

A Brushwood Fence has Longevity

A common misconception about brushwood fencing is that it’s not long-lasting. In fact, a well built and correctly maintained brushwood fence can last 20-30 years! With the lifespan of metal fencing being around 20 years, longevity is not a factor to concern yourself with when considering brushwood.

Naturally Resistant to Pests

White Ants, insects and spiders are an understandable concern for homeowners. Brushwood has your back! With a high concentration of natural oils, this fencing repels insects in an environmentally friendly way. No need to use chemical controls to ensure protection, saving you both time and money.

Plant Friendly

One significant advantage a brushwood fence has over a steel or brick fence, is that it won’t attract and hold high levels of heat. What this means for plants is less stress due to reflected heat and soil that doesn’t dry out as quickly. This can be a big money saver for newly landscaped properties. Young shrubs have an increased chance of surviving and becoming established, and more mature plants will reap the benefits as well.

Brushwood Fences are Low Maintenance

The general maintenance needs of brushwood are few. No painting or oiling is required to preserve it’s attractive appearance, making it an excellent choice for people who are time-poor.

Brushwood has a Natural look to it

With the abundance of steel fencing throughout the suburbs, the natural good looks of a Brushwood fence will make a statement in an organic, but definitely high-end way. You might choose this fencing material for its practical benefits, but by doing so, you’ll get the bonus of a fence that looks incredibly good!

For brushwood fencing Perth and in the South West region, get in contact with us here at Bears Fencing. We’ll provide you with an extremely competitive quote and friendly, professional customer service.

Grey picket fence

Picket Fence with Motorized Sliding Gate Dunsborough

Completed Picket Fence with Gate Dunsborough

If you don’t necessarily like the heritage or country look, check out this project completed for a Bears Fencing client in Dunsborough…Proof that picket fences can be sleek, modern and give great privacy!

This fence was constructed in pine and painted to the clients’ specification. With an inset mailbox and a matching motorized sliding gate supplied by Automatic Gate Solutions and Amtec Electrical it looks absolutely fantastic and provides an excellent level of security as well as peace and quiet from passers-by.

A fence or gate constructed in timber has the following benefits:

  • Timber, particularly treated pine, is economical to supply and install.
  • Sustainably grown timber is widely available.
  • Timber’s natural beauty can shine by simply sealing it against the elements.
  • Very few design limitations.
  • Simple to repair.

Motorized sliding gates are a wise investment. Apart from the convenience of not having to open a gate yourself, they provide excellent security and are a boon in rainy weather. The space savings you get from a motorized sliding gate enables you to use more of your property for whatever purpose you want. Long viewed as a luxury item, these gates can be surprisingly affordable and will definitely add value to your property.


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Kangaroo Fence – Yallingup

Kangaroo Farm Fencing - 368m x 1800 high

The Bears team have recently completed a fencing project for an acreage located in the beautiful Yallingup area in the South West region of WA.

Bears supplied and installed 368 meters of 1800mm high kangaroo fencing and also installed farm gates supplied by Gotcha Gates, Busselton. Kangaroo fencing is used to prevent Kangaroos entering a property and is generally higher than other rural fencing.

The team is pretty satisfied with the end result! We set ourselves fairly high standards with all the work we do, both large and small scale projects.  The owners of the property are extremely happy and now kangaroo free!

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Farm & Driveway Fence Gates

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