backyard wooden storage seat

Merbau Day Bed – Dunsborough

Completed Wooden Day Bed in Dunsborough WA

What a fantastic way to take advantage of a wonderful, shade-giving tree!  This day bed build for clients in Dunsborough totally transformed the space, creating a great place to relax, a backrest for comfort and support, and an easily accessed, handy storage space underneath!

Constructed from beautiful Merbau timber, this daybed utilizes an often-difficult space under a tree and provides a focal point for entertaining. Just imagine it decked with colourful cushions, it’s the perfect spot on a balmy summer afternoon!

Merbau is a popular hardwood that is durable and attractive. With a beautiful deep red finish that improves with age, it’s also one of only a few types of timbers that don’t catch fire easily. Great to consider in bushfire prone areas.

If you have a creative idea for a project in your backyard, Bears Fencing can help with both the design and construction aspects. Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and get the ball rolling!


Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing and Black Flat Top Pool Fence in Yallingup

A stunning rural property in Yallingup was the Bears Fencing team’s location for the duration of this job. Working with Studium by Todd Huxley, surrounded by nature and stunning views, it doesn’t get much better than this!

We installed toughened frameless glass pool fencing with brushed stainless steel fittings and matching gates. The fence ran from the house and was stepped down from the pool area to join seamlessly with black flat top pool fencing in monument colour, giving uninterrupted views from the pool.

Unobtrusive and stylish, frameless glass pool fencing is a must, if you want your pool and surrounds to shine and your fence to take an (elegant) backseat. Available in a wide range of framed to frameless combinations with a choice of fitting styles and finishes, you will definitely find a look that will suit your own needs.

Flat top pool fencing is rapidly becoming the number one choice for an economical yet stylish pool barrier. Made from lightweight, rust-free aluminium, available in a choice of colours, it suits most housing styles. All Bears Fencing pool fence installations strictly follow the Australian Pool Fence Safety Standards. If you have ideas for your existing pool, or you are in the planning stages – give us a call. We will discuss the details

aluminum slat gate

Aluminium Slat Gates and Screens Dunsborough

Dunsborough Aluminium Slat Gates and Screens Job Completed

If you’re looking for low maintenance, long-lasting, slat style fences or gates, – Aluminum slat gates and screens are the answer!

This satisfied customer from Dunsborough increased security with good-looking, horizontal aluminium slat gates in a powder-coated off-white colour.

The product has many benefits, apart from the lack of maintenance. Slats can be configured horizontally or vertically, giving excellent design flexibility. Made from super strength, powder-coated aluminium, the slats won’t warp, crack or rust. They come in a range of finishes, and the timber look slats are very realistic. The powder coat colour range is limitless, and gates can be constructed to your requirements with options of sliding, swinging or motorized gates.

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Chain link fence

Chain Mesh Fencing in Vasse

Job Completed in Vasse WA - Chain Mesh Fencing

Chain mesh fencing is an extremely versatile product. Strong and durable, it gives excellent visibility and is well suited to situations where both strength and security are required. Chainmesh is widely used in schools, sporting facilities, ovals and parks. It is also useful to protect livestock from vermin such as foxes, so it’s great for chook pens. The security of chain mesh can be further increased by adding razor wire or barbed wire.

Bears Fencing completed a project for Natures Atelier Child Care in Vasse, providing strong, secure chain mesh fencing in an attractive black powder coated finish.

If you are looking for a solution to provide better security, at an economical price point, consider chain mesh fencing and give Bears Fencing a call today!

Grey picket fence

Picket Fence with Motorized Sliding Gate Dunsborough

Completed Picket Fence with Gate Dunsborough

If you don’t necessarily like the heritage or country look, check out this project completed for a Bears Fencing client in Dunsborough…Proof that picket fences can be sleek, modern and give great privacy!

This fence was constructed in pine and painted to the clients’ specification. With an inset mailbox and a matching motorized sliding gate supplied by Automatic Gate Solutions and Amtec Electrical it looks absolutely fantastic and provides an excellent level of security as well as peace and quiet from passers-by.

A fence or gate constructed in timber has the following benefits:

  • Timber, particularly treated pine, is economical to supply and install.
  • Sustainably grown timber is widely available.
  • Timber’s natural beauty can shine by simply sealing it against the elements.
  • Very few design limitations.
  • Simple to repair.

Motorized sliding gates are a wise investment. Apart from the convenience of not having to open a gate yourself, they provide excellent security and are a boon in rainy weather. The space savings you get from a motorized sliding gate enables you to use more of your property for whatever purpose you want. Long viewed as a luxury item, these gates can be surprisingly affordable and will definitely add value to your property.


Contact the Bears Fencing team today, and we’ll provide you with a competitive quote!

White pinelap fence

White Pine Balustrading Yallingup

Balustrading is a great choice when you are looking to provide a stylish barrier, either for safety reasons or just to give your property a specific ‘look’. Timber is a popular choice for Balustrading and handrails because it’s versatile and strong, gives great design flexibility and is economical when compared to steel.

Shown here is a job completed for our happy clients in Yallingup Beach! The Balustrading was constructed with pine and gives a crisp, coastal feel contrasted with the weatherboard style of the home. Perfect in Beautiful Yallingup!
The Bears team has over 20 years fencing experience so we can construct to your specifications. Give us a call today and let’s have a chat about your ideas for Balustrading.

Merbau Slat Screens Dunsborough

Timber Fence Completed In Dunsborough

What A Transformation Merbau Slat Screens Made To This Fence On A Recent Job In Dunsborough Perth WA

Enhanced and protected by Cabots Natural Decking Oil, the richness of the timber contrasts really well with the limestone retained wall, and the slats were stepped down from the higher to the lower level pillars creating a feature and dealing with the level change.

Did you know that apart from being extremely popular, durable Merbau is naturally termite resistant and can sometimes have a gold fleck running through the grain.

If you have a project in mind for Merbau slat screens or decking, or if you’re looking for fencing and retaining wall solutions for a sloping block. 

Merbau Slat screens

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COLORBOND® Fence Extensions

COLORBOND® is the premium brand for fencing products and supplies throughout Australia. Australians choose COLORBOND® because it’s durable, robust, cost-effective and doesn’t require a large amount of maintenance. Colorbond comes in a vast range of colours and profiles so you’ll be sure to find something in the range to complement the aesthetics of your property.

What is a COLORBOND® fence extension

COLORBOND® fence extensions are used for extending the height of your existing or planned Colorbond fence. Giving your property enhanced privacy and protection, you can also use an extension to customise the design of your fence. A COLORBOND® fence extension is an excellent choice as it looks great when blended with other types of fences.

What to consider with COLORBOND® fence extensions

There are two key things that you should consider when planning a COLORBOND® fence extension

Height and appearance:

Establish the reason you need a fence extension. The reason will help you decide what height the extension should be. Consider the existing fencing materials and the extension materials. Do they meld together? Do they both complement your home and any other fencing on the property? How it will the fence look when completed?

In some cases, the existing fence posts are an issue when installing the extension because the extender is not high enough for the COLORBOND® extension. However, this shouldn’t be a concern as fencing contractors are experts in handling this minor issue. Let them do their job!

retained coloorbond fence

Tip: Ask your fencing contractor about ideas on how to maintain the original style of the fence when choosing extensions

How to choose the right COLORBOND® fence extension

Colour is an essential aspect when selecting a COLORBOND® fence extension. Consider the colour and profile of your fence to make sure that it will look great once the extension is attached. Make sure that the colours resonate with your property and surroundings.

Tip: Australia has fencing height regulations that you must follow. In Western Australia, local councils set the minimum and maximum heights for a dividing fence, and this can vary from area to area. Hiring a professional fencing contractor for your COLORBOND® fence extension is a wise investment to ensure that your fence conforms to Australian and local council regulations and standards.

COLORBOND® Fence Extension by Bears Fencing

COLORBOND® fence extensions require meticulous and professional skills to achieve a great result that doesn’t look like an ‘add-on’. Before any installation, our fence installers will assess your property and fencing to make sure that we can get the job done right the first time. We can also provide repairs and maintenance.

At Bears Fencing, we take pride in performing work that conforms to Australian Standards. Our team will walk the extra mile to ensure that clients are satisfied with what we do. We are proud to tell you that we receive great feedback from our fantastic clients, we have a lot of repeat customers who choose Bears again for further fencing services.

Do you need more information about COLORBOND® fence extensions?

For more details about COLORBOND® fence extension in Perth, contact Bears Fencing!

The Benefits of Twinside Retaining Walls

Twinside retaining is one of the most effective fencing solutions for retaining soil in an efficient and cost-friendly way. Often used to replace rotten timber sleeper retaining walls, twinside retaining walls are made of pre-cast concrete, which makes them a durable and robust fence foundation. They also have a double-sided pattern that makes your retaining wall look stunning from both sides. 

Advantages of using twinside retaining walls:

Cost Effective

Twinside retaining walls provide savings initially – because they are quick to install and long term – because they are easy to maintain. There is no need to purchase specific products to protect or maintain these walls, which gives you cost savings from your initial investment, then throughout the lifespan of your wall.

Space Saving

There are various designs and styles of twinside retaining walls which accommodate most typical retaining requirements. With the right design, twinside retaining walls can maximise the existing space on your property and give a clean, uncluttered look. You need to give consideration to getting the design right to ensure you get a great result!

space saving shoe rack

Design Choice

Twinside retaining walls are available in a wide variety of colours and textures that make it easy to find the look you are after for your property. Want the limestone look? Perhaps slate? Check with Bears Fencing to learn more about twinside retaining walls variety of colours and finishes.


Twinside retaining walls are manufactured with engineered steel-reinforced concrete. This means that installed correctly, they will stand true and not be affected by intense bursts of high wind, hail and flooding rain, protecting your property from soil erosion which can damage lawns and plants. Used on a boundary, they will also prevent weeds, animals, insects, and other unwanted visitors from entering your property.


Designed for high load and permanent situations, with low to no maintenance requirements. Twinside retaining walls are engineered to Australian standards, which gives you peace of mind regarding durability.

Twinside Retaining Walls - Bears Fencing

Bears Fencing is a respected fencing contractor in Perth and the South West of WA. Our team’s been in the industry for over 20 years and takes pride in completing projects that conform to Australian standards. Our team of fencing specialists will ensure that the installation of twinside retaining walls is done right the first time.
Choose us for twinside retaining walls projects in Perth! Take advantage of our expertise and our passion for helping people to build a practical and durable fence that is secure and looks great! We also provide fencing solutions and supplies to assist with maintenance or repair of existing twinside retaining walls. 

Are you ready for your twinside fencing project?

Reach out to us for twinside retaining walls installation in Perth.

Why Should You Use Concrete Sleepers

Did you know that concrete sleepers are used throughout the entire length of the Adelaide to Darwin railway line? Considering this, you can see why concrete sleepers are a strong and durable product when for fencing. They are one of the best fencing solutions for retaining walls because they are constructed from concrete reinforced steel. Concrete reinforced steel is capable of holding considerable weight and protects your property from intense wind and rain. This makes it ideal if you live in high-wind-speed areas.

Why Use Concrete Sleepers

First things first, price is not the only factor you should think about when considering concrete sleepers. Below are some of the benefits:


Concrete sleepers are made of reinforced concrete and steel, which will last longer when compared to other fencing materials. Concrete sleepers are more than capable of handling the Australian climate. When you choose concrete sleepers to construct your retaining walls, they will continue to look great even after many years of weather exposure.

grey concrete sleepers


One of the major benefits of concrete sleepers is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking good. Apart from saving you time, with no expensive cleaning or repair products to buy, they also saves you money! Concrete sleepers are easy to install. However, getting a professional to do the job is highly recommended to ensure that it is done right.


Concrete sleepers are ideal for many types of terrain because they can be easily installed and firmly held in place to hold the weight of the fence. Having said this, the quality of the soil at your property is a factor that must be considered when building retaining walls. You do not want to construct a wall in areas with soft or rocky soil. 

Let a professional assess the quality of your land if you have doubts.


Did you know that concrete sleepers are an eco-friendlier choice than timber sleepers? Studies show that reinforced concrete sleepers result in lower life-cycle greenhouse emission than timber sleepers.

No warping, burning or flaking. Resistance to termites.

Concrete sleepers are strong and durable. They don’t warp, burn or flake even when exposed to weathering. You also don’t have the worry about hidden damage from termites, because concrete sleepers are termite resistant. If you like the sound of that, choose concrete sleepers for retaining walls and other projects! All you need is a professional installer to ensure that the job is done correctly.

At Bears Fencing, we pride ourselves in professional and efficient service. Our team has been in the fencing industry for over 20 years, which means we have the experience you need to provide all of your fencing solutions. Our expertise and professionalism mean you receive a high-quality result for your concrete sleepers installation and services.

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